Hernia surgery related erectile dysfunction

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Hernia surgery related erectile dysfunction

I know this issue has been brought up before, but I was hoping to get some more specific treatment advice.  I had hernia surgery recently (one week ago today) and have been very disturbed by the differences in my erections.  I no longer wake up with regular, firm morning erections, and my erections are softer and they don't last.  I noticed that I am precumming a bit and ejaculating sooner, which I never used to do.  I also have a hard, painful mass on my left testicle from the surgery.  I've been following up with my urologist and surgeon, but everyone is telling me that there was no damage done from the surgery.  I believe it is nerve/scar tissue damage but I was wondering if you could give me specific advice about herbal treatment?  There are a few similar options on this site, and I'm not sure which one(s) I should try.  I'd prefer to not take guaranna (I try to avoid caffein) but would be willing to try anything to get back to normal.

Thank you
I think I have the perfect
I think I have the perfect solution for you ddubb925. Here is a little more information on what might have happened to you. I hope it helps.Hernia Surgery Damaged Erectile and Testicular Function. Also if  you want to do something about it for sure then I suggest the herbal treatment ofPenile Pain & Nerve Rejuvenation Remedy, It is a rejuvenation remedy which basically restarts everything, Hope that helps.

Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
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