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Help needed

Good day,

I am 30 yrs of age and i have erectile issues which i have been looking for a remedy to for a while now. Wondering if you could render your professional advice and remedy.
  • I have premature ejaculation. I last about 5 minutes during sex.
  • I also have weak ejaculation.
  • On a normal condition, the size of my penis sometimes is shrinked in size and is embaracing for my age. After the first round, my penis shrinks incredibdly small like that of a child and takes a long while before i get aroused again.

Please what do i do to stop the shrinking of my penis, increase the size of my penis, have strong erection and improve performance during sex.

Please i really do need your help because i intend to get wedded by december this year and i do not want this to affect my marriage.

Thank you
Premature ejaculation, weak erections
@aobiya and others looking for a similar solution, MaleExtra works just fine.
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