Hello - Arousal and a pumped penis (without using pc muscles to stay erect?)

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Hello - Arousal and a pumped penis (without using pc muscles to stay erect?)

I'm aged 27 and i have realized that i don't have that hot blooded arousal when i see a naked woman compared to when i was 13 or even 18. I still get erect and able to have intercourse but without stimulation, my penis would become semi-erect. Unlike when i was 18 and before, i would be all pumped even when i am not stimulated. 

I will admit that i watched porn for years but i didn't become addicted to it. I think i got desensitized to the naked female by it. I only watch it when i need a release. How do i get back that hot blooded arousal and keep my erection up at all times when i see a naked woman? Just like during my puberty days?

Thank you!
I think it's caused by stress & exhaustion
This might be a problem due to a lot of cases. I had a lot of stress lately as a much older man and have noticed that my sex drive has just plummeted. While trying to take some time to relax I was reading a health magazine where it felt like a sign. I read an article on cases on why the man's sex drive has decreased and there was a few reasons. The ones that I can recall and felt like they were a problem to me were stress overload and not having enough energy. Solutions were taking testosterone to boost the sex drive along with energy for the male. I read a few articles on herballove and came across this one that might help you out.


Thank you for sharing your
Thank you for sharing your experiences HarperwinP. I'll check out the link.

I do remember in my puberty days that my penis was all pumped and was able to stay erect for a long time without engaging my PC muscles. It's like i had no input whatsoever. Now it's get erect but i don't get the "pumped" feeling unless stimulated, and when i do, I engage my PC muscles.

Should i be engaging my PC muscles at all?
Other symptoms?
Strengthening your PC muscle might help, if you have a weak bladder and prostate. You might be suffering from sexual exhaustion. What other symptoms are you experiencing? You can find out the severity of your mental & sexual exhaustion:

It's possible that you have depleted many essential growth factors and testosterone reserve. If you are under 55, you can try to enhance the quality of your erection through practicing Harmonic Qi Gong:

For faster result, you can add herbal supplementation:
Astra Vigor & Endurance Formula:

Good Luck,
Re: Symptoms
Hello Dr. Kwan,

I'm under the age of 55, 27 to be exact but i will start practicing Harmonic Qi Gong.

According to the stages of sexual exhaustion chart, i am at the severe stage but flirting with the addictive stage. Should i be taking the Fantasia remedy only or both the Fantasia remedy and the mind cleanse addictive control solution?
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