Haven't been sexually active due to this problem

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Haven't been sexually active due to this problem
Need help from someone honest I'm 5'8 overweight 250 pounds hypertension as well I know not good i was looking into this remedies http://www.herballoveshop.com/product.asp?PID=106165 I was wondering if hypertension might be my problem of premature ejaculation can some just help me get back at where I was at or tell me how can I start
If you are experiencing
If you are experiencing hypertension my guess is that your age is above 30. Would you mind sharing that? It will help find the perfect product for your conditions.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Actually not I'm 22 would
Actually not I'm 22 would find it helpful I'd you give some advice or help me find my solution


Hypertension at such a young
Hypertension at such a young age. What have your doctors told you about this? It is clear that hypertension does have a lot to do with your problems so getting that fixed might be extremely helpful.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Well there might be a lot of
Well there might be a lot of variables, how sexually active are you?
Many men have PE when they first start having sex and its nothing to be embarressed about. Once you become more comfortable having sex and get over the over stimulation you will probably develope better techniques. If this is a developing problem then you will want to look into exterior causes like stress.

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Never was like this at first
Never was like this at first had good sex life then it went bad haven't been sexually active due to this


However, did this start
However, did this start before or after the hypertension?
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Coulnt tell you I had broke
Coulnt tell you I had broke up with gf and wasn't sexually active


What happened during this
What happened during this time frame. I am a bit confused. Did you suffer hypertension during that time or suffer from the breakup? Or both?
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Need help
This might be a long one, wife and I have beeemn together for 19 years over that period my wife had her second child my first one and she was born with a termal illness. So lots of stress in our lives. We started swinging shortly after that because it was away to stop the pain and we both completely enjoyed sex. So all was good. Over the years, many major surgeries and financial problems or sex life slowed down cause we were tired and fighting and stuff. The wife and I kept doing the swinging but more on the side of open marriage (cuckold). Because I was unable to perform for very long and she needed release. It's now at a point were I/we don't even have sex. I could count on one hand how many times in the last two years. I've tried almost every thing. I did try SSRI but I found that the more I took them, things just stopped working no ejactuation at all. But threw all this I've gotten myself use to trying so hard and having to fuck my wife instead of make love because I trying to give her a orgasim before I blow! So that is now messing things up cause there in no loving feelings between her to me cause all I ever do is "fuck her" when we do and it's still over in a few mins. We do have threesome with another guy which I really enjoy and so does she for that matter. When I'm in the threesome things seem to be better but not alot better the other guy can give her what I can't. I need help. I need to feel like a man again and be able to be the man of her dreams.

Rob. Fallingapart

It's pretty obvious that you
It's pretty obvious that you have had a lot of life changing things occur in your recent past that have messed with your sexual performance. I think that taking the SSRI caused the same thing as well. The best thing I say you do is take a break from sex for a bit. Don't do it too often and also you need to find ways of relaxing. Try taking Mind Juventor to help calm your mind and see if it gives you results from your fast ejaculation.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
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