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Watch out for clearance sales in the mall. This typically comes about at the end of the year or at the end of every month when new stocks are delivered to the stores. They price the old stocks lower just to sell everything that is left. Also, they time it when you receive your monthly paychecks so you can purchase more goods for your money.

You're almost done. The final step is to personalize your box robot. You can use markers, paint, crayons, or pencils to draw a face and designs on your box. You could even glue on sewing buttons for eyes or to make buttons. Googly eyes are great if you want your robot's eyes to move. You can make a funny, scary, happy, or angry robot. The face you choose will determine the personality of your robot. A happy, smiling face means your robot is friendly, but an angry face could mean you made an evil robot that wants to take over the world. It is up to you.

Think about all that is good and beautiful in you, and allow yourself to be happy with someone who loves you completely. There's no sugar coating it: if you're dating a married man, you are wrong. Use your faith in God, your belief Golden Goose Sneakers in spirituality and your moral compass to find the strength to make things right.

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