Girlfriend clitoris problems

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Girlfriend clitoris problems
After having sex last night with my girlfriend she told me something that I didn't like to hear. She usually tells me that I did really good. I am worried that I messed something up really badly. She says that it hurts to please herself through the clitoris. Anybody know what might have happened?
Vaginal insensitivty might be
Vaginal insensitivty might be what she is going through There are a few articles on here that should more than do the job to help both of you understand and take care of the problem. Here is an article that will help you both take care of this Clitoral Insensitivity. Let her rest a few days and you guys will be back on the love train in no time.
Henry,You and your girlfriend

You and your girlfriend enjoy sex (what couple doesn't, right!). And when you're in a realtionship, you sometimes get mixed signals. This is one of those mixed messages that confuses and beguiles you into thinking you're doing something wrong. You're not doing anything wrong. You're doing exactly what you're supposed to: taking care of her.

You're on Herballove looking for answers, a great starting point to solving this mixed signal. Most women who experience clitoris pain often due so because of a hormonal imbalance. Sex around her period can cause some pain--not in all women--but it is known to happen. She may be having too much sex, another issue that can cause hormonal imbalances. She too may be taking birth control pills that can create a dearth in necessary hormones needed to stymie the pain. All of these factors cause pain.

If she's on birth control, have her take a break and take some supplements to quell the pain.

If she's taking too many recreational drugs, it too can cause an imbalance in the body.

Hope this helps.

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