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Friends with benefits
Me and a friend of mine is in a friends with benefit relationship. Now he has a girlfriend which is ok with me. We were doing fine at the beginning but now it seems that he is trying to change the rules. Now he has become a regular freeloader and wants me to act like the girlfriend, trying to give me rules. He has started wanting me to buy him things and give him money. I wont do it so he does things to start arguments so he can have a reason to break it off with me. I guess that's his way of threatening me with a breakup. He will leave for about a month then wants to come back when he know its not working. he has done this 4 times. I wanted to be friends with benefits because I didn't want any drama. Usually the drama comes from the women not the man. Our sex life is really going down hill. I feel like you can't start changing rules in a sex only relationship. he acts like he's breaking up with a girlfriend. please Help....Any suggestions.
You are right. There is no
You are right. There is no reason on why he should be acting this way. He is getting free sex besides whatever he is getting from his gf. If I was him I wouldn't be complaining because I am getting everything I can over hope for.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Come on girl. Dump that guy.
Come on girl. Dump that guy. You know you can do a lot better and get a better less troublesome booty call than that!
I won't think you need to
I won't think you need to dump that guy....

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