Finasteride and Minoxidil recovery

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Finasteride and Minoxidil recovery

Hi All

I took Minoxidil about 5 years ago for a few months and developed premature ejaculation and weak erections. Once I did some research online and realised Minoxidil can cause sexual sides I stop immediately. My doctor advised me to try Finasteride as he believed only 2% of users develop sexual side effects. However after a few months things just got worse so I stopped using any hair loss drugs all together.

Unforuantly things have never returned to normal and it's been over 4 years. This I have seemed to develop post taking these drugs are

1. Premature ejaculation
2. Weak erections
3. Brain Fog
4. Loss of any feeling in Penis (Not rush of blood downstairs feeling)
5. Sleep problems
6. Loss of libido

As you could imagine this is destroying my quality of life and keen to hear from anyone who has recovered from taking these drugs and if they have tried any of the products off this site. 

I have seen many doctors and specialists  and been told it's all in my head, and not to mention the thousands of dollers I have spent along the way. I am now seeing a naturopath and herbalist who specialises in Biochemistry he currently has me taking a Gabba Supplement and a daily dose of a tincture he makes filled with herbs.   

After reading this site and
After reading this site and learning other possible reasons 'm also going to add a few other things that is worth mentioning..

Over the last 6 years I have been been a recreational drug user, taking extacy, pot, cocaine and MDMA. Not on the heavy side but no stranger to the drugs. Having said that my drug taking has basically stopped over the last year and will not be indluging in the future.

Regarding excessive masturbation I never really thought I had to much of a problem here, pre finasteride I would masturbate 2 times a day on average, sometimes more some times less. Tell me if I'm wrong here but i'm pretty sure this is normal. Now I masturbate maybe 2x a week and when I orgasm it's half the enjoyment and pleasure it used to be and with minimial load.

Over the last year I have been excersising daily and try to keep a healthy lifestyle and showing some slow improvements, what I find strange is when i'm alsleep I now sometimes wake up with an erection but spontaneous erections during the day or any feeling down there is a thing of the past.  
Let me ask a few key
Let me ask a few key questions that might help me and any other expert who reads this, help you.
  • What is your current age?
  • What age did you start masturbation?
  • Do you live a healthy lifestyle?
  • Are you currently taking any medications besides the GABBA?
  • What herbs are found in the tincture the doctor/specialists is giving you?
Try to answer those questions so we are able to further understand your situation
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
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