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Hello am 28 years and i surfer from most of the side effects that when one over masturbate. To mention a few that a worrying the most are chronic fatigue, poor memory and focus and  lower back pain. I have been doing this almost all my life and it has even affected my education cause i cant concentrate for too long.
It was just a couple of weeks ago when i found out about all these side effects of over masterbation.
I have stopped cause my life is on the line. Its almost two weeks now and i haven't done any of it. Its scares me soo much that I cant even touch it.
If a live a healthy life style will I get better? And how long will that take? couple of weeks, months or years. Pls I want to know cause i have been doing  it for almost two decades. Thanks
According to the  severity of
According to the  severity of your sexual exhaustion chart you fall under the addictive stage based on your symptoms. One of the best formulas that might help you out to recover quicker than just chaning your lifestyle might be Rejuven Recovery System. Changing your lifestyle is a great way to start on the road to recovery but it will take longer just waiting for results to naturally happen. I have interacted with people who have taken the route of waiting for a natural recovery and some of them still haven't recovered after several years. What these natural herbal remedies do is speed up the recovery time in a natural way because they are herbs and are grown naturally. They will not cause any other side effects to the body but will instead improve the case. Most people who take the route of using herbal remedies along with changing their lifestyle start seeing results as fast as a week, the average time is about 3 months.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Thanks Alex for that info. to the other person.
As this information is helping me as well. You already know me from other posts and what I've been going thru. I'm currently taking the Rejuven Recovery System. I hope they work. I was going to get another bottle of "Kanabo Energy" but until I learned of this, then I decided to take these. I think I'm seeing some results but kind of slow I guess. I quit masturbating completely about 6 days ago,and just started the herbal tabs just after quitting.
over masturbation
Hi where can I get these herbs from and how much will they cost I'm suffering from overmasturbation
Where you can buy the herbs for over-masturbation recovery.
Carrl: I just noticed from my email that you have a question on where to buy the herbal tabs for over-masturbation. You can purchase them thru "herballoveshop.com". This site is like connected to this one. For instance, if you read a case study,about a certain masturbation or other sexual issue or problem, this site has the link for the herbs to that site where you can order the herbs online. I believe the herbs have helped me,but you have to give it(them)time cause they are herbs and don't work like chemical laden medications. If you have any other questions,please feel free to add a question after this comment and someone or myself can answer it for you.
how to free psn codes online
You can use free psn codes and this would make you away from the masturbation.
try to drink supplements like
try to drink supplements like there's a greep seed content .. and glutathione also can help . because it's a great antioxidants and cleanse us from any free-radicals and aids us with body sustenance.
Over masturbation and ejaculation
Hello everyone I really need help I am 17 and started masturbating at around 13. I would masturbate and ejaculate multiple times everyday. Now I suffer badly my penis and testicles have significantly shrunk and darkened. My testicles are really tiny and they burn and hurt alto. Its like my testicles are sometimes tightening up into my stomach.I suffer stress, fatigue,depression. Also I suffer from inflammation my stomach hurts and growls alot. Every morning I have to take multiple craps . this is horrible.This sucks I always worry if I will never have children or a wife. I broke up with my girl and I haven't talked to girls in 2 years because I don't have confidence because in today's world sex is everything in peoples eyes.Help me!


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