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empty or full stomach
Recovering from servere addictive stage overmasturbation. Premature ejaculation, weak erection etcDO I TAKE HERBAL PRODUCTS FROM THIS SITE WITH OR WITHOUT FOOD. ON AN EMPTY STOMACH OR FULL STOMACHIt never says, I have seen before breakfast and lunch, but is that 5 minutes before, or 1 hr/30 mins before. Considering it has zinc in, which needs food usually for absorbtion, id been taking them with meals, or like 5 minutes before meals, ive been having varied results. The main reason im asking this question is yesterday I took some at night on an empty stomach, 30 minutes later fekt great improvement, which led me to think empty stomach is the way to go.A quick google search said herbs are normally best on an empty stomach. But these herbs seem yo include things which need food. Eg zinc. So i dont know, what does everyone think?Im now thinking with no food on an empty stomach is best ( i never suffer stomach upset this way btw) i think most suggestions saying with food are just covering incase people get stomach upset and stop taking them
Use herbs before eating. That
Use herbs before eating. That is how I like to take all my medications or anything just so it has some hydration and it wont make you feel queezy.
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