Dry painful orgasms

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Dry painful orgasms
Hi,  I'm an old codger in my 70s having undergone a couple of prostate reduction ops a few years ago which suppressed my sexual urges for quite a while but which happily now seem to be recovering.  I do still suffer from some enlarged prostate symptoms though.

My problem now is that any orgasm I manage to achieve turns out to be dry and painful.  The website here which seems to be hitting the mark better than any others,  suggests this might be caused by a blocked sperm duct due to an enlarged prostate.  How could I confirm that this is definitely the case before undergoing treatment that would probably clobber all my sexual urges again?

Not easy to consult a trustworthy doctor because I'm away overseas in a none-too-developed country for a lot of my time.
Any suggestions gratefully received.   Thanks.
This is a really tough
This is a really tough question to answer. It is next to impossible to diagnose you with this problem since we don't have any test results or anything like that. I suggest that you find a doctor, do your best to try to find the most trustworthy doctor and have him diagnose you. Once you know the source of your problem, you can be directed to the right formula. If you want temporary relief a good herb that lots of people take to help with prostate problems is Saw Palmetto. It comes in pills, powder and other different teas and stuff. I suggest you try that and see if it helps relieve any symptoms while going on the lookout for the right doctor.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
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