Does sex hurt?

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Does sex hurt?
I just turned 17 and I am a virgin. I have a boyfriend and we fool around but we have never had sex. He really wants to and so do I. The only reason we haven't done it yet is because I'm afraid that it will really hurt a lot. Does it hurt? I'm really scared. Please give me some advice!
Pleasure overcomes the pain
Bottom line is yes. It will hurt but the pain varies. I first had sex when I was 21 and it still hurt. So as a younger girl it will probably hurt but it will most likely turn into a pleasurable hurt right away. Don't worry. Just make sure to have safe sex!
The first time usually causes
The first time usually causes some sort of pain for most women, after that just be careful with what you sleep with. I have had penis that is bigger than average and that really hurt. Be careful who you sleep with and such things. Be careful.
Its only first time if you really have such lust
The pain that you imagine is only first time. But you can overcome it as long as you have increased some lust on having sex. You can really enjoy it if you feel it.Or try masturbating with fingers, any veggies or objects before having actual sex.....still any issues mail me @ [email protected]


I waited almost a whole year
I waited almost a whole year to have sex since I posted that. I was masturbating with my fingers but never any veggies. There are some articles I read on this site that say not to because you can get infected. I would rather not take any risk. However, you were right. The first time was sort of painful and after that it just became enjoyable!
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