Do I have an STI?

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Do I have an STI?
I am 18 i recently noticed that there's a change in the colour of my discharge. It went from clear, to cloudy white and i read up about it and it said it shouldnt be an sti if you dont have itching, but now the itching has started. i have a boyfriend who i have sex with on a regularlly basis (who has only slept with one other girl before me and they did not uise protection) and i slept with someone a few months ago before my relationship, who asured me he'd just been checked out. i have an absolute huge phobia of being checked out and theres no way i can do that, i was just wondering if anyone knows of any home kits you can do or something along them lines to check yourself at home and not go to a doctor.
It might be an STI. You
It might be an STI. You should go check yourself anyways just to make sure because it sounds like you have a bit of a history. Also, as for your research it sounds like your cloudy sperm might be gonorrhea or urinary inconsistence. I will give you the link where I found this.
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