Do I have general herpes? :[

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Do I have general herpes? :[

My boyfriend  was in a relationship of 6yrs and he says she cheated on him and thats why they got separated. My boyfriend says he went to get a physical done and he also got an STD done at the same time. He got tested and he didnt have anything....yet i believe it because I never ever had any problems or std symptoms for this whole 5months weve been together...(except this week) so ive been with my boyfriend for 5 months already. Me and him been having unprotected sex. so what happened is this , i spent the weekend over at his house..we had alot of sex friday- sun.... on saturday we did it and on sunday we did not shower till the next day, he wanted to do it but we didnt shower which i kept telling him that its nasty. So we ended up doing it again without showering :/ ...idk if bacteria got inside i dont know.

so this is what i end up having monday : during the afternoon i start feeling a sick and while at work i started smelling an odor, so i went to the restroom and i had a very clear excessive amount of water that STINKS very afterwork i start feeling more sick with a fever...

the next day...i start feeling vagina started filling up with this clear stinky discharge...

I still have a fever and it is wednesday. besdies that my vagina lips are very sore , red and they BURRRRRRN when i pee....i noticed i bumps in my  inside my inner vagina and the part where the vagina and the anus connects. it is really irritated and swollen :'[

everytime i sit down it really hurts when i walk because my lips are very irritated. idk what to think ...i keep having excessive discharge and i feel that everyone can smell the stink of the discharge :'[ i made appointments at the clinic but they are all booked until next week. i dont want to think i have genital herpes because ill freak out and cry even more than I already have and go crazy. :[ has anyone had this experience?

It doesn't sound like it but
It doesn't sound like it but it sounds like you need a lot of work. First of all you need to take something for your general vaginal health. In order to help it go back to it's normal state you will need to useVaginal Ultra Regeneration & Repair to help your vagina get back to normal. As for your vaginal discharge I would suggest that you take something for that as well because it is not normal to have stinky discharge. Try EvaMax IV for that. It should get rid of that. If you take that stuff you should be fine soon. Doesn't sound like any genital herpes so just take care of yourself. Also just use this stuff if you see the problem coming up again.
Definitely take  EvaMax IV. It will help you with your vaginal problems. Always helps me to be able to restart my sensations and be ready for it all over again.
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