Creamy White Discharge

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Creamy White Discharge
Everytime I have sex with my boyfriend lately I have been experiencing white discharge during sex. Everytime we are both finished having sex there is no sign of no creamy white discharge on the condom but the discharge was is on my vaginal lips instead. My vaginal lips are not iritating my skin. I have vaginal discharge throughout the month but it is somewhat clear or milky like normal discharge. I have read that during the month vaginal discharge changes consistency and it was close to the time that my menstrual cycle was supposed to come on when my boyfriend and I had sex. I am pretty sure that I do not have a yeast infection because I do not have any symptoms of it. I do not have itching in my vaginal area, sex is not painful, and there is not swelling in my vaginal area. I really want to know what is going on with my body. Is this discharge normal?
I have had problems with
I have had problems with vaginal discharge. Not exactly the same problem as yours but it does have to do with vaginal discharge. What helped me out with my situation was EvaMax IV which helps out with many different vaginal problems. You can take a look at it and see if it will help out your needs. Hope it does help you because I know no girl wants problems with any of that.
I helped another girl on the
I helped another girl on the forums earlier. Check this out.
All great advice from the
All great advice from the above forum users. Here is one possible reason why discharge may continue to beset you. As you mentioned, yes, vaginal discharge does change consistency during the month. Why? Typically, discharge is a sign of a hormone unbalance. During (and a few days before) your period, your body produces less hormones. When the hormone levels become unbalanced, discharge occurs because of the lack of vaginal acidity, which too is controlled by hormones. When acidity levels become lowered, the vagina sees a proliferation in bacteria. When bacteria thrives, the vagina expels the waste in the form of discharge.
Why does this continue to occur to you? Well, for one, your hormone levels may just dip below the norm. Your vaginal acidity cannot expel the bacteria formed right before your period.  

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it's just normal discharge..
it's just normal discharge...nothing to worry about. your vagina is just cleaning itself... the only thing is: don't clean it yourself every day or it'll get sensitive and hurt a lot and you might get a yeast infection

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