Constant pain during and after sex

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Constant pain during and after sex
I am only 20 years old and For the past year and a half I have been getting pain in my vaginal opening and labia during sex and for hours after. Prior to this I had no pain or problems during intercourse and I have had the same partner for 3 years so it couldn't be an STI. I used to believe it was thrush, so constantly went to the doctors complaining of a yeast infection. I was treated and treated and it never stopped hurting. At the beginning of this year I was fed up and decided to go to a gynaecologist, he did some tests and discovered I had tested negative for thrush or candida, so why was I getting the pain?

i started on dialators and he referred me to a woman's health psychotherapist for weekly appointments. She showed me some exercises that I could do to loosen my pelvic floor muscles and hopefully ensure I stop feeling pain. 2 months on, I am still getting pain and it is causing me real psychological problems. My partner understands and does everything to help me relax and feel comfortable, but sometimes even light touching or licking (sorry TMI)  is causing me serious pain. I have noticed my vagina is dryer and I rarely have any discharge or feel "moist", does anyone know any other course of action that could eliminate this problem? We used to have sex all the time, sometimes 3 times a day but since the pain we rarely have vaginal intercourse at all. I just want to be normal again :(
It is okay. You can say as

It is okay. You can say as much as you want here. No one is going to judge you but instead help. Okay so the problem was not any sort of infection or thrush or candida. You mentioned that you have noticed your vagina is a lot dryer than before nad there is little discharge. These are all big factors in having sex because it is the way your vagina naturally lubricates itself to get prepared for sex.

I am going to suggest some stuff that will help you with intercourse pain, vaginal dryness and if I can find anything on discharge I will be on that as well. You mentioned that you guys would have sex 3 times a week. I also thing that is another huge factor. That is a lot. You guys need to slowly ease back into it. Start at once a week and then maybe daily. But it all depends on the progress of your pain.

As I mentioned that 3 times might be a little too much fun take a look at this article, Pleasure & Pain - How vaginal over-stimulation can lead to intercourse pain. The reason behind the interourse and overstimulation of the vagina may be anything like sexual histories; over-masturbation, over-sex and the use of sex toys such as vibrators. To me it sounds like it is as simple as over sex. Just take it slow. Maybe try the product they suggest in that one and it will help your vagina reconstruct and make sex pleasurable once again.

For your vagina dryness I think you should take the most natural way possible and what I found for that was the, Advanced Botanical Formula for Vaginal Dryness. It is not normal to have a reduction in the fluids that the vagina produces naturally so I really suggest you take care of that as soon as possible. Do what the article says because if you don't it can lead to more serious problems and not just pain from intercourse but from even the slightest touch.

I really couldn't find anything on the discharge but I have a feeling that is closely related with your vaginal dryness so taking care of that will kill 2 birds with one stone. You can take all the products they suggest together because everything that is on there is natural and can be mixed. Won't do you any harm.

Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.

Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Interesting approach to the
Interesting approach to the subject, it's all good, you keep going!
Constant pain during and
Constant pain during and after sex    This is where people are interested in understanding.   royal1688     
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