Cold penis when flaccid and cold ejaculate.

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Cold penis when flaccid and cold ejaculate.

I've been dealing with overmastubation for many years. The year iv'e reduced the number down a whole lot. Its been many months since i'v ejaculated from masturbation and even longer since i've had sex. Every once in a while i look at porn and play with my neither regions for a while but i dont ejaculate. 

Anyway, my question is, during the time when im not masturbating at all, not looking at porn nor anything, not being around women etc, eatign healthy and exercising everyday my penis is very cold. Especially after exercising its very cold and dry looking. I would think that exercising would get the blood flowing everywhere and incrase blood volume in general but the longer i go without masturbating the more cold and dry(only dry looking after exercising) my penis feels. During the times when i masturbate but without ejaculating my flaccid penis isnt as cold or cold for a few days. This is making it hard to completly stop from mastuabting all together. I figured stopping completly would heal it and i think it's healing my body but the longer i go without masturbating it gets cold when flaccid as if no blood at all goes down there unless im horny/erect. 

Also, during my last relationship a few years ago when i ejaculated my partner would say that my semen was cold many times. Its suppose to be warm/hot. This has happened several times from mastuabting as well. It's cold the very moment it comes out. Im not infertiles since i have a child. Anyone know who what the cause would be? 


I have a question for you.
I have a question for you. When you go without masturbating and you notice that your penis seems cold, when you finally do get an erection, does it seem stronger compared to when you are masturbating a lot?

Another question, when you were in a relationship, how did you guys go about seeing how hot it was? Was it incidental sperm leaking or was it when you ejaculated inside of her?
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Yes my erection seems

Yes my erection seems stronger when i go without msturbationg for a while, it seems a little fuller, noticiably fuller especially the head and slightly more girth than usual. But sometimes it seems like normal(hard and up but not as full and not full at the head at all). I guess the sometimes itsnt not as full is from the previous damage from masturbating too much not fully healed yet i guess. 


Im not sure if she could tell if it was cold or not when i did ejaculate inside of her but then again im not sure if it was cold during the times i was ejacualting inside of her. But sometime after that, she said my ejaculate was cold when i would ejaculate onto her body as i usually did. Not all the time but enough times to make me wonder what was going on. And several times during mastubating i noticed my ejaculate was cold as sonn as it came out

The fuller version of your
The fuller version of your penis can be explained with how you go about arousal. When you people tend to get ready for masturabtion or sex they go about it in different ways when trying to get their penis erect. Because of this, it causes the penis to look different everytime. For example, using the Penile Ballooning Technique can have different results than if you were to use Penile Girth Growth Technique. Each of those techniques causes the penis to get erect in different ways. One is for both girth and length and the other is just for girth. These are used before sexual intercourse or masturbation and because of that, one technique might provide more blood to the penis than the other.

Cold ejaculation, I have never seen a case study on that in this site. I have gone ahead and researched it myself. Common causes of this might be your surroundings. The testicles depend a lot on temperature, preferably warmer. If the temperature drops down this might cause there to be warm sperm. But I have a feeling that it was still warm. If it was cold at times then it is probably best to see a doctor about this. 
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
I think the cold flaccid
I think the cold flaccid penis may be from poor circulation. But during erection sometimes its a normal erection because blood floods the penis. But without the erection i think i may be having poor circulation down there. This may also tribute to the cold ejaculate. Thats just my guess.
Yes, circulation is going to
Yes, circulation is going to be a huge factor with that. By not having enough blood rushing down to your genitals then this might be interfering with your erection strength, obviously and possibly the cold ejaculate. If this continues however, I strongly suggest that you go see a doctor about this to see what they can tell you. I have never really heard of a situation like this until you told me. 
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
The cold flaccid penis is
The cold flaccid penis is going to have to do with poor blood circulation but your cold ejaculation is going to be a little more complicated. What I am thinking is that without the proper blood circulation getting to both your penis and testicles, it is causing the testicles to produce sperm but in a much colder temperature than it should be. 
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The fuller version of your
If you are interested in something that I think might help you out, then you should worry about the testicles. The testicles are going to have everything to do with your problem and the best thing to do would be to rejuvenate them. You can try Kanabo Vitaball for this to see if it gives you any different results. Just make sure you have someone touch the sperm so you are able to compare the temperature.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Opps i meant contribute not
Opps i meant contribute not "tribute" lol. But yeah im about to order some Vitaball. I think im going to get the Power P and Oersize too since they deal with circulation.
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