Circumcised or uncircumcised?

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Circumcised or uncircumcised?
What do women prefer? Do they prefer a man to be circumcised or uncircumcised?
I think safety first

I honestly think that it doesn't matter whether you are or are not circumcised. What matters more to me is safety. In order to protect my penis I have my circumcision and clean it carefully on the daily basis. I found an article and I am going to quote why I have my foreskin, "The foreskin is designed to protect the penis throughout a man's life. When a man is circumcised, he loses the protection that is essential to protecting the nerves on the head of the penis."

Found it on here.

Advantages and disadvantages of circumcision
I got circumcised at the age of 52. Although the procedure was quite painless you must take those pills the surgeons give you to stop erections for 2 weeks otherwise it can be mighty uncomfortable. The reason I got it done was because this Chinese woman I was seeing asked me to! Funny thing is that I was one of those males whose foreskin would retract quite a bit when erect so both of us thought that it might look nicer if it was like that all the time. When I healed from the surgery I found that having sex was a little harder on both of us as I never wore a condom when with her and we both found that when it came to a "quicky" she felt quite a bit of pain. I was really worried as there was no going back for me as it was a tight circumcision. Anyway we took our time about it and made sure we spent heaps of time engaging in foreplay. I did notice that she did do oral on me quite a bit more and would definitely love to hold and look and touch my penis. 

For me as a person though, I find just walking around with shorts or pyjamas on can be a bit tricky as the rubbing against the loose clothing can trigger a sudden unwarranted erection at the worst of times. I recall my woman's friend popping in to visit us late one night to have a quick chat with my girlfiend and as I was in my loose shorts , up she went and my girlfriend thought that I was attracted more to her girlfriend. From personal experience being uncircumcised does hold an important advantage over being circumcised as I used to love having instant quick sex with my girlfriend which we have to totally avoid unless there is some lube around the place. Trust me it is super painful for both parties. As far as looks go, my friend and two of her friends who have seen me naked before and after said the circumcised penis looks much better but makes the penis look smaller!!! 


You make a great point pxr01.
You make a great point pxr01. Thanks for sharing your personal experience.
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