Can't keep an erection with my partner

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Can't keep an erection with my partner
I'm in my late 50's, healthy man who is in love with a lovely lady around the sma age. We have been going out for a few years now and everything is great with us exept the 2 times we have attemped to have sex. It started out great but I lost my erection halfway through. I've never had that problem before. I was really bummed that I didn't succeed the two times we tried having sex that I went and  had sex with a few prostitutes and everything went great. They were surprised about my sexual performance when I told them my age. The woman I love was very dry even after fore-play and when I tried to enter her I just couldn't get it in. After about 3-4 minutes I felt it was me and I lost my erection and I had that "fight ot flight" reaction and I couldn't get the erection back. I'm emberassed, feeling less than a man and inadequate. I know that I can perform but with the one I really want I have not been able to perform. I really feel that this could be the deciding factor of our relationship going forward or not. It is going to be a shame if we can't continue the relationship because of my dysfunction. That's if it is even a dysfunction. I don't know. I even took a ED pill everytime I had sex even with prostitutes and it still didn't help out with my partner, only the prostitues.
Wow. Very interesting story
Wow. Very interesting story you have. I just finished posting on another forum topic and I think the same thing will help you out like it has helped me and hopefully the other user. Give DuraMax a try and it should help. I am speaking from experience because like you, I am also in my 50's.
cardiovascular problems!
Erectile problems are not related to the woman. It CAN be related to a cardiovsaular problem, it's often a first symptom of heart disease so I would really suggest you run to your doctor for a checkout - now!

Seriosuly it can save your life. Perhaps a natural treatment like an ED pump is in order. My doc said that men who can get an erection but loose it quickly really benefit from the penile pump + contriction ring combo.
Can't get an erection.
I am a, still, a very horny 67 yr old Cauc. I've been masturbating since I was 8 yrs old. My previous relationships have never been sexually strong enough to satisfy me. As a result it wasn't beyond me to wank at least every other day. They never knew nor did any of them ever catch me wanking. When we would get together for some love making, I would have a very strong hard on and no ploblem ejaculating.  Approximately 1 1/2 yrs ago, it was like someone thru a switch, turning my erections off. I have a great relationship with my present wife (60 yr old). She is incredibly horny (most guys would give their eye teeth for sexual intensity my wife has), so on the weekends we have some really good sex (I'm retired and she still works). Only problem is..... no erection!! She loves doing oral on me, (as do I, on her) and needless to say, I love it also. But, there in lies the's like she's sucking on a marshmellow. She has never complained because she has a rather small mouth, but it still, physcologically, bothers the helllllll out of me. She does everything she can do to get me to cum, but eventually, I have to take over and masturbate myself while she is sucking on my nipples. I love the overall feelings of nipple sucking and she loves doing it. Now, most times (unless I'm really tired), I can get it to cum, but again, it's like wanking a worm. I've even tried holding some urine in my bladder, like a morning wood, and sometimes it works, but that "erection" is maybe 40% at best. Since we've been together, I have had only one real hard on, and that was within the first few weeks of us getting together. So, my problem is we both have to wank me in order to complete the sex act and I can't see an end to this 'problem'. Does anyone know of some natural remedy to this issue??? My heart is strong with no issues at all. My health is so-so. I do have type 2 Diabetes, but the Dr says that may be a small contributer to the issue, but not the major cause. My PSA levels are very low, so the prostate is in good shape. I've heard so many conflicting ideas re too much masturbating-vs-age-vs-diet-vs-blah, blah, blah. Any other 'normal' males with a similar issue and if so, how did/do u handle (no pun there) the problem??? I've tried shots directly in my penis. Minimal reaction. I've tried extra Zinc and Saw Palmetto. Minimal reaction. Tried Testoserone shots (my level is on the low side but still in the acceptable range). Minimal reaction. My Uroligist has even suggested a penis pump, but I shrink at the thought of a scalpel in my penis. I've even entertained the thought of using a prostitute, but that goes against my grain and the vows of marriage. Any good ideas???  Thanks         


You did the right thing by
You did the right thing by not deciding to go with the penis pump. That will actually cause even more harm then you already have. I see that you have taken the right steps but have not had the right results. I am going to try to suggest a few things. The first thing I would suggest is an herbal tincture. It doesn't sound like you've tried any of that so I will find the right one for you.

Okay if you want to try herbal tinctures I have found an even better tincture for you as an older man. You can try out Erection Improvement Tincture For Seniors and see if that helps. If you want to try the other one that most people try then go ahead and try Botanical Tincture For Weak Erection . Those should help you out with your weak erection problems and give you a full erection. That is if you want to take the herbal remedies. I also have a solution if you are willing to take supplements.

If you want to take an alternative route than I really suggest that you rejuvenate your body. Basically restart it and it will restart your sexual system, hence your erection because it is formulated to target the penis and the erection. If you are interested in that then you may look at Rejuven. That is the most likely to work on that. After rejuvenating I would suggest that you start with Alpha Male Plus  because that will give you the extra satisfaction of being able to keep a firm full erection.

Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
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