Can someone help my situation

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Can someone help my situation
I used to do semen retention but I felt orgasm. 
not everyday but when I started this habbit I could do it 4 or 5 days one day after another.
now I started to bald I am in a serve stage especially the crown now started to fall extremely.

Can someone help.

Please take into consideration I used to do Qi gong and I have reached some shaolin levels
so can someone give me what to do and what herb can help.

The first thing which you
The first thing which you should need to know is that this is a type of sexual addiction. Have you been to a therapist already? If not, it's high time that you should get their help. I was also in the same way where I used to masturbate many times a day. It was my therapist who saved my life and I'm very much thankful to him. Their treatments helped to relieve the shame and stigma of sex addiction and provided ongoing support on the journey to recovery. No matter what the circumstance is, it'll be better if you take a sexual addiction treatment( ). You just need to control your addiction before it controls you.
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