Can it be my high blood pressure medication?

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Can it be my high blood pressure medication?
I want to know why I am having problems with my erection. I have such a hard time just trying to get an erection and keeping it is the biggest problem. What happened to me? Is there anyway it can be my high blood pressure medication? Because to me it seems like the problem didn't occur until I started taking them.
Stumbled across the answer last week
I was just skimming through some articles last week and I noticed that high blood pressure drugs may cause impotence meaning problems with the erection. Here is the article, Premature Ejaculation - Caused by High Blood Pressure, I read in case you would like to read it. I hope this helps you out
The current medication you are taking for your high blood pressure can have a really big impact on your erection because it may cause impotence which is basically the same thing. If you want more information on where I found that just look at this article, Impotence - Caused by High Blood Pressure Drugs. It has a great chart that explains everything and different levels of severity of high blood pressure. I hope I helped, even if it was just a tad.
I think you should take suggestion from the doctor who prescribed the medicine for you just make sure and check the bottle shows not the same symptoms than consult your doctor.
I think you should tell the doctor who prescribed you the same medication for you just also make sure that and check the bottle contain the message or same symptoms if not than consult you doctor soon.
Hyper tension could be one of
Hyper tension could be one of the cause of ED.
 High blood pressure is
 High blood pressure is caused from drug,smoking,drinking etc and it is harmful for health.  Avoid this harmful addiction. Regular exercise, meditation keep you fit and fine. Apart from some physician, there are various rehab centre available who can guide people and give them better solution.

William McKay

Maybe, maybe not. Only a
Maybe, maybe not. Only a doctor can tell you what the reason for your problem is. Why dont you consult one? 

Kilian Luhmann

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