Can i use Kanabo Repair Xtreme/Vitagenone/Prosta Juven Together?!?

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Can i use Kanabo Repair Xtreme/Vitagenone/Prosta Juven Together?!?
I am a 20 year old male :).So my main symptom is 24/7 burning in the tip of the urethra, the severity varies but with ejaculation it get's way worse and also i have frequent urination and sometimes only a little comes out(10 times per day) with a tight urine stream. It actually all started 1 year ago after i masturbated i got the sensation and it's never gone away since but has improved in pain but the pain has leveled out for a long time. It is not a std and i was diagnosed with prostatitis, doc did the check and said there was a little bit of inflammation, took months of medical drugs no improvement. Prostatitis is short for "Something is wrong down there we don't know what" lol. I have had a cytoscopy and mri both normal. The purpose of me buying the above medicines is to hopefully get rid of the burning. If anyone know's any other medicines that could help i would gladly try it out. But from the information i gathered those above listed in the post are suppose to help. So just wondering if i can use those together. The vitagenone and prosta juven come together so im guessing those i can but can i also take kanabo repair xtreme along with those? Thanks for your help. God Bless.
I would like to add a
I would like to add a important piece of information that i forgot to put, whenever i get aroused the pain at the tip of the penis get's worse. So maybe someone can have an idea of what medicine would be best to possibly treat whatever is going on. So far the one's i listed in the post i ordered. Thank's A'lot. God Bless.
It is possible to mix all of
It is possible to mix all of these. Based on what you want these for your prostatitis should be worked on with the Vitagenone and Prosta Juven. These will help all of your prostate problems return back to normal and the prostate does have something to do with it and is not just a problem for something they don't know. It is actually a problem against the prostate pushing on the penis. These will help with this and also the burning sensation.

Your second comment however mentions something that you might actually need that Kanabo Repair Xtreme. It should be safe to take all these 3 at the same time but I suggest you space them out, take one dosage every 2 hours or so just so they can work better. Don't forget to use a tall glass of water with these pills and if you for any reason feel dizzy or woozy, start taking them with food.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Thank's for the reply Alex.
Thank's for the reply Alex.
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