Can I reverse jelqing damage from 10 years ago? Soft head of penis

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Can I reverse jelqing damage from 10 years ago? Soft head of penis
10 years ago when I was 13 I tried jelqing but did it wrong as I think i burst something in penis as bit of blood came out along with a bit of stinging pain. My penis also noticable shrunk a bit straight away. I never went to the doctors or told anyone. 
Since then whenever I get erections the head of penis stays soft and is a purplish blue colour on the reverse side the head. The head has lost its helmet shape and only goes to helmet shap when I'm about to ejaculate. Sensitivity in the head also has been gradually getting lower over the years and I don't expereience that same pleasure as before. 
I have the habit of cycles through excessive masturbation to no light mastubation. 
I generally eat quite healthy but I feel I have done too much nerve damage.

I am worried that this is permanent damage and have left it too long to be able to return to its original size, shape and sensitivity. Will I be able to cure anything with any products such as Kanabo Nerve fix or Kanabo Repair Xtreme? Or is it too late

Which products do you reccomend? I will also try and stop masturbating alltogether to help supplement the pills.

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