Can this be herpes?

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Can this be herpes?

I had unprotected and rough sex with my partner. The next morning I felt a bump around my vagina and it was just there but did not hurt. I would push it and try to scratch it and still felt no pain. I shaved the next morning to take a better look at it and still felt no pain.

The day after shaving I took a look at it again and this time there were a few blisters which seemed to be filled with some type of liquid. I went on with my normal day and I have to say, my job requires a lot of walking. Halfway through my work day I had to leave early because I was feeling some really painful irritation around my groin area. I found that some of the blisters had burst. I had scheduled a doctors appointment for the following week but the day before the blisters completely disappeared.

I am scared of the possibility of this being herpes. Does anyone have any idea whether it can be something due to not shaving right? Maybe the rough sex? Or just some simple irritation. Please, I need some quick advice.

Don't be too scared!
This mostly sounds like it can be irritation from shaving. But first I have to know whether the blisters were in the outer vagina or inner. That will definitely give a determined answer.
Please help
They were on the outside of the vagina. All the blisters. Nothing on the inside. What can it possibly be?
You'll be fine. Just a scare!
Okay then. It is definitely from shaving irritation. Because when you shave sometimes the grown hairs tend to flair up and that can cause some serious irritation, especially since you were walking around a lot and a lot of friction going against the flared up hairs. Don't worry sweetie, you'll be okay :)
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