Bodybuilder: Losing erection when it comes to sex

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Bodybuilder: Losing erection when it comes to sex

After what seemed like a long six months me and my girlfriend have decided to have sex. I am a virgin and I am very nervous about having sex for the first time. I can't stop thinking about it and every time I get close to her and think about sex my erection goes away. We've been doing other things since we first started dating everything besides sex and she is really eager to just put it in but I don't know what my problem is with my erection!

I have had this problem for a few months now. I am a bodybuilder so I figured I was over training. I decided to reduce and change my workout and diet, but the same problem still persists when I think about it too much. Sure, I'm good for other things, but when it comes to sex I lose my erection the second I start thinking about it. I get really nervous and am scared, Do I need to get closer to her first? Someone help! I need to be able to keep my erection in order to have sex.


Your incessant thinking is keeping you from feeling the euphoric feelings sex can produce. You suffer from a phenomena most virgin males do: sexual anxiety. You continue to overwhelm yourself with thoughts that hurt your body’s ability to maintain an erection.
When you’re a virgin, three common issues plague your thoughts: am I big enough; will I perform long enough; will I please her. Most men brood over these three issues. They think so much that when it comes time for sex, they freeze—literarily.
From your text, you have some things going for you: you feel some-what comfortable with your girlfriend. You’re fit. You’re young.
Relax, take a deep breath and focus on her body. If you two enjoy each other’s company, she will not care if you’re package is too small or your stamina is low. What is a turn off—especially for your partner—is the lack of confidence in yourself. A woman will care much less about stamina, size, or technique as she will about confidence. Be confident in yourself. Relax. Breath, and enjoy your first sexual encounter.

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