awful muffin Golden Goose 2.12 Sneakers top when

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awful muffin Golden Goose 2.12 Sneakers top when

Even celebrities wearing the best designer fashion clothing commit fashion crimes every so often. Thus, it is no wonder why we mere normal folks also experience these faux pas more than once or twice in our lifetime. That is why here is a brief rundown of the top fashion blunders to avoid.

You have the best set of pants you've ever had. They hug your bottom perfectly and they do not give you an awful muffin Golden Goose 2.12 Sneakers top when you don them. The only problem with them is that they are so sheer and tight; you always experience the dreaded VPL, more commonly known as having visible panty lines. So you think you can just leave your visible lines as is since your pants are perfect in every other way? Wrong. Having VPL makes you look like you have a bigger behind and they are very unsightly. Best to wear a pair of thong underwear or better yet, buy seamless underwear to get that perfect behind look that goes well with your flattering pair of pants.

Are you the type that replicates every little bit of the latest trends in the red carpet or the catwalk? Is your closet full of fashion clothing coming directly from Elle or Vogue? Does that mean you are safe from fashion mishaps? Wrong again. If you are enslaved by the trends, that means that you just copy everything you see on glossy magazines without any regard to your body shape, your skin tone or your own style of clothing. This almost certainly ends up in a disaster. Use the fashion magazines as a guide only, not as a cheat sheet.

When you buy a skirt with a slit, jackets, blazers or coats, they usually have their vents sewn together. Make sure that when you wear that piece of clothing in the outside world, that string holding the vents together is removed. Leaving the vent of your coat sewn shut will only cause you to rip it in public, making that awful ripping sound that may embarrass you horridly.

In today's fashion world, prints on prints are no longer a no-no. In fact, if done correctly, prints matched with prints make a fabulous statement. However, large printed tops should be balanced out with a toned down plain colored bottom. Not with another wildly printed pair of pants. Not only does that make your outfit too busy to look at, it also widens the appearance of your bottom.

Jeans should fall just right, making sure they cover a great part of your feet, with shoes on, but not so much that the hems already bunch up or touch the Golden Goose Superstar Sale ground.

If ever you do encounter any of these faux pas and you have no choice but to ride it until the end of the day, what do you do? Just wear your outfit with a huge smile and shining confidence. This will Golden Goose May Sale distract the people from focusing on your fashion clothing faux pas.

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