Anal pregnancy???

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Anal pregnancy???
My boyfriend and I were having sex yesterday and the term of trying anal sex came up. I was okay with whatever he wanted to try so we did it. It hurt just like the first time I had sex but it was okay after that. He really liked it and he ended up finishing inside of me. He didn't take his penis out. I am scared of the possibility of being pregnant. Is this possible? I am really scared! My parents are going to kill me!
Don't be scared. You can't get pregnant from anal sex. It is impossible, but what isn't impossible is getting an STD. Make sure you use condoms because it is pretty easy to contract an STD.
It is actually possible in rare occurrences
It is possible to get pregnant actually. If the leakage from the semen in the anus goes towards the vagina. This is one of the ways but it seems almost impossible. As long as you cleaned yourself right after then you'll be fine. Just do make sure you wear a condom. That is always a very good idea.
Anal-Vaginal Infection
Hey girl,

Make sure you clean your bf's dick before switching to vaginal intercourse again. Anal to vaginal intercourse without cleaning is a very quick and easy way for a girl to develop an infection, particulary yeast infection... make sure your bf put on the condoms with either entry.
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