Am I entering menopause?

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Am I entering menopause?
I have been suffering from terrible anxiety attacks and mood swings as if I was in early pregnancy only more profound. I have very bad emotional outcries, they make me cry at the drop of a hat. I also have to say that I am only 36 years old. After a ruptured ovary and emergency surgery two years ago where i was fortunate and I was able to keep my other ovary and uterus and that made my period continues. I began having these 'attacks' ... a couple of times a week at first. Always upon awakening. They would last 30-40 mins. Heart palpitations, nausea, rolling stomach, roller coaster like. Now they are a DAILY occurance, always upon awakening (even a nap) and I can feel the symptoms of the attacks just below the surface throughout the day. These attacks can last up to TWO HOURS now before I can even function properly. They disrupt my sleep. As for the crying, this is a more recent symptom and is triggered by anything, even a commercial on television. This has been going on and getting worse since my surgery two years ago. I cannot use my cycle to determine if I am entering menopause as it has always been irregular. Could this be perimenopause or could the loss of my other overy have anything to do with this. Am I at the entrance gate for menopause? What ages would menopause fall in? Please help.
It is very possible that you
It is very possible that you may be entering perimenopause which is basically the gateway to menopause. When I went through my menopausal stages I was giving a word of advice and knew how to take any problem on. A really long time friend from college mentioned something about Wild Yam Cream to help ease any symptoms and I decided to try it out on my own. She mentioned a brand that I had never heard of and I went out to buy that. A few weeks later I did not feel any difference and I knew it must have been that my body didn't adapt to that certain cream. I went out on my own and found another brand for the Wild Yam Cream and that was At Last Naturals that worked for me. It really helped me out and the symptoms didn't really hit me. I went on with my normal life for a while until the real menopause symptoms came. Remember that there is always something to help ease any pain and there is always an answer to your problems.
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