Affects of overmasturbation

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Affects of overmasturbation
I started masturbation at the age of 13 and I am now much older. I have seen the side effects of overmasturbation. These side effects aren't anything small either. They have been big that have affected my life even at the age of 17. I have gone through some crazy side effects such as losing my mind and feeling like I am really stupid. Memory loss is not good at all. I am also not able to concentrate on anything for long periods of time and I feel tired all the time. I have had problems with sleeping and I know that due to overmasturbation all this happened. I have also had problems with ejaculating early since hitting the age of 16. Now I want to be able to take care of my problems and I need some help. Does anyone have any adivce on what can be wrong?
Waner,Most young men your age

Most young men your age go through a tremendous influx in hormonal changes. You see a pretty girl and you dream about her. You want to undress her. You want to kiss her. And yes, you even want to sleep with her.

Actresses, co-workers, friends, even hot classmates can leave you in the same I-really-want-to-masturbate-kind-of-mood. It is unfair--and impossible--to assume, let alone ask you, to stop masturbating all together. You're human. You have needs, and sometimes you give in to those needs.

The key is to sometimes give into the need. All of your current problems stem from too much hanky panky. Try reducing the amount of times you decide to engage in assualting your deadly weapon. I'm not saying quit cold turkey. Hell no! I'm saying reduce the frequeny each week.

Say you masturbate 20 times a day; aim for 15 times a week.

Gradually reduce the amount of times you masturbate throughout the week. The gradual reduction will eventually help you get down to masturbating on a ocassions, like once or twice a week.

Next, to help things speed along, you want to try all-natural supplements to heal your damaged body. Masturbation causes a gamut of problems, from headaches and insomina to concentration and memory loss issues. In your state, your body suffers from sex fatigue and requires  herbs to alleviate general sexual exhaustion symptoms and its more specific issues (each link provides a guide to your more specific problems and herbal solutions).

Hope this helps, 


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