abstinence premature ejaculation

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abstinence premature ejaculation
is premature ejaculation that is caused by abstinence cured by simply " rubbing one out" ( sorry if that sounds crude)

if abstinence causes premature ejaculation, will a few masturbation sessions reverse this issue? or will it take more time?

because ive got premature ejaculation that i think is caused by over abstinence. but masturbating a few times hasnt cured it. so could it still be abstinence thats the cause? or is there another more serious underlying issue? like sexual exhaustion
Shouldn't abstinence make you
Shouldn't abstinence make you last longer and just make you get a bigger load? I know that's what happens with my partner when we take a few days off of having sex and he's also able to last longer, especially when we go at it back to back. I don't think your problem is abstinence, go to a doctor, get checked out. I find it strange that when my partner and I abstain, things go even better but for you they are a tougher. Go get checked. I hope you find your solution, take care.
Hi , am 18 yrs old and am suffering from premature ejaculation already . I started masturbating at age 13 , though it was not frequent . Maybe like twice a day and sometimes once a day for a week . I didn't masturbate every time since i realized it was bad but the temptation to do it is sometimes much that i sometimes start again but its always on and off . Am live in Nigeria and the drugs you prescribed on your site are not in Nigeria . Am not yet Married until the future and am still a virgin but i don't want problems with my future wife (i plan on waiting till i get married before sex) please what should i do? Am new to this site ,sorry if this is not the write this.

Without wax

over masturbation
please i am suffering from over masturbation cos i started masturbation at age 13 and now i am 21 and the problems i face now are worrying me especially low sperm count, leaky penis,sexual weakness and my sperms are loosed please me me out

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