18 and suffering from LEAKY PENIS PLEASE HELP

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18 and suffering from LEAKY PENIS PLEASE HELP
Hello, my names is Wes and I'm currently 18 years old. I have been excessively over masturbating for 8 years and now I'm extremely worried about my future sex life. Whenever I'm with a girl and it doesn't even have to be kissing, but I will begin to excessively have leaky penis to the point that I can no longer sustain an erection. This has happened everytime I'm with a girl and it's ruining my life. It's causing depression even though I'm a positive and optimist. All I'm asking is what should I do because clearly I've weakened my PC muscles to the point of not being able to hold back seminal leakage. I still live with my parents so I can't exactly buy the products on here without them finding out. Can anyone help me and tell me what to do? Like do I just stop masturbating and will my body eventually recover after months of not doing "it"? I'd also like to mention I'm physically active and in good shape. Just someone please help, I'm really looking for some help here :/
Hi Wes, thanks for sharing
Hi Wes, thanks for sharing your story with us. If you can't get these products for whatever reason there might be some exercises that can help you with your leakage. For your weak erection however, the exercises normally work best when you use herbal remedies but you can go ahead and try them without the herbs. You can look at Kegel Exercises to help you better your PC muscles. These exercises are great for your leaking situation and to help you with any premature ejaculation problems you may have.
Now to help you with your weak erection, there are two exercises. One of them is more for you since you are only 18, you can try The Method of Anal Breathing. The other exercise is Harmonic Qi Gong. Any one of those will work perfect for you.
Okay, thank you for your
Okay, thank you for your response, but should there be a waiting time or resting period of say a couple months before starting kegals? That's my major concern because I don't want to do kegals if my PC is already in a weakened state
Also can you briefly go over
Also can you briefly go over what anal breathing does or is beneficial for? It's not very clear in the article you linked in here 

You are correct. Start with

You are correct. Start with the anal breathing technique and then go on to the other exercise. I was just listing out the exercises that were available for your situation where herbs are not available. What do you want to know about the anal breathing technique? If this is performed before any sexual activity it helps strengthen the erections by allowing a higher blood flow to the penis.

leaky penis @ 18
Please stop mastubating..then see your doctor


Please stop mastubating..then
Please stop mastubating..then see your doctor
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