18 and erectile problems. Need help!

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18 and erectile problems. Need help!
Okay so.. Here's my problem. I'm a healthy 18 year old guy, but I got a single problem that's been in my life for years and I don't know how to get rid of it.. Sometimes I'm almost scared that my problem will last forever. I can get hard rock erections ONLY when I watch porn.. If I masturbate without porn.. Hmmmm doesn't really work and if I try to have sex it's even worse, actually, it doesn't work, AT ALL. I also have morning wood AND "surprise erections" as I call them, and these too sometimes become hard rock. I can't get hard only when I try to have sex and this has affected my relationships over the years negatively. Some people would say.. Maybe your shy, maybe your scared of having sex. But no, I'm super open minded about it and I'm not scared at all. Actually, I'd love to be active sexually if only I could be without feeling ashamed of myself.. But.. Here's the thing.. From like 12 years old I've masturbate till now (tho now I try to do it waaayyy less often cause I'm pretty sure this is the cause of my problem or at least one of the causes).. Right now I masturbate maybe 1 to 2 times a week but like 2 years ago some days I could masturbate sometimes up to 6 times in a row.. At the end ejaculating was becoming painful. And also.. In the past.. From 13 years old I started smoking cannabis till now but when I was 14 I started experiencing with ecstasy and amphetamine till I became addicted to cocaine, crystal meth, ketamine and whatsoever. I was trying any drug I could get my hands on when I was 16 or 17 since about a month ago when I decided to take a different turn in my life as I realised everything around me was just spiraling out of control... So yeah. As I looked over the Internet for remedies about my problem that's when I found that I wasn't the only young men suffering from this problem and that's when I started looking for remedies and then, that's when I saw the Herbal Love website. So I got some questions, first: Is my problem reversible? How can I get rid of my impotence? Which product should I buy to help me? I though maybe a combo of Advanced Rejuven Recovery System + Astragalus Roots would be the best fit for me.. Am I wrong? Should I buy something else? Is there other ways I can get rid of my problem? Should I go and see a doctor? You guys can tell my anything you'd want there's only good information in this case! ;)

Thanks for the help in hope I'll get answers from any of you guys extremely soon! Oh, and by the way, sorry if my english sounds bad sometimes, I'm french :)
That's a serious load of
That's a serious load of drugs you were doing for someone your age. Also a serious amount of masturbation. 6 times a day, I don't think I've ever done that much masturbating in one day. Your body must be in a really bad state of exhaustion, and not just sexual exhaustion from masturbation. All these occurences happened within a year or two. Drugs can be extremely harmful to a person's erections and that is the main reason on why you are experiencing youth impotence. If you've read any information on the Youth Impotence section you can see that drugs are the main cause. By taking Advanced Rejuven Recovery System your body should be able to restore itself back to normal and detoxify itself from the harmful toxins of the drugs. You can also try DeToxiA to detoxify yourself from the drugs, that work's great. Restore your body back first and you should be able to see an increase in your erections as well. Once that step of your recovery is done, you can get teh maximum results you want.
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One thing I may add to this,
One thing I may add to this, congradulations on the masturbation. Going from 6 times a day to 1 or 2 times a week is a huge accomplishment. Remember to try to minimize the masturbation as much as possible during your recovery. As much as you can. If you can stop all together, the more power to you.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Also one thing that I learned
Also one thing that I learned when recovering from masturbation, is to have your mind think about it a lot less, do something that will take your mind off of masturbation. Soemthing that you will enjoy and take up lots of your time. I picked up a new hobby and now I paint model planes and cars. I like to focus on it and concentrate. Works great for me. Find your hobby.
This is probably all in your
This is probably all in your head, because it is with most guys who have this problem. It's caused by tension and worry about the situation, you are worried about not getting hard that makes it more difficult which worries a person more and so on and so on. You have to relax and try and enjoy what is happening, try and keep it out of your mind. If you get hard when your by yourself then it's not a physical issue, a Doctor could still assist you to though if it continues.
It has become common issues
It has become common issues in young men nowadays. Doing from 6 times a day to 1 or 2 times a week is a huge accomplishment buddy. Remember to try to minimize the masturbation as much as possible during your recovery.
You should go see your family
You should go see your family doctor. There are many ways to fix this, some involve generic medications such as Sildenafil Generic (http://www.buy-genericviagra.com/sildenafil-citrate.aspx). Some are mental and regimin techniques for increasing stamin and erections. Also eating plenty of fresh garlic improves blood flow and has been shown in studies to help some males increase the strength of their erections.
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Well, impotence can be treated by imporvig your life style.
  • reduce alcohol / smoking intake
  • take proper sleep
  • adapt healthy eating habits
  • live a stress free life.
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I don't think you have
I don't think you have erectile disfunction, but too much masturbation causes men to experience symptoms like this. Try to stop masturbating for a couple days and see if it gets better.

My second advice with erections is always to look at your general health. Are you possibly less active and healthy than you were in the past? Work to improve your cardiovascular fitness, and in one month's time examine the strength of your erection again to see if it is improving.

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