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What Are The Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance?
Estrogen Dominance is a condition that estrogen over-produced compared with progesterone. Typical estrogen dominance symptoms are: abnormal vaginal discharge, water retention, bloating, irregular menstrual periods, insomnia, low sex drive, breast swelling, and accelerated aging.
Women's Vaginal Discharge estrogen imbalance excessive vaginal discharge
How To Locate The G-Spot?
The G-spot (named after Dr. Ernst Grafenberg) is somewhat difficult to find for women that have their G spot damaged or desensitized. G spot is usually located on the upper facing wall of the vagina, it can best be found by having a partner insert a middle finger and curl it towards them in a “come hither” motion until it senses a tiny circle of dimpled flesh. Damaged and desensitized G spot can be repaired with natural remedy.
Women's Orgasm Difficulty g spot insensitivity
When does birth control shot starts working?
If you get the birth control shot within the first seven days after the start of your period, you are protected from pregnancy immediately. If you get the shot within five days after miscarriage or an abortion, or within three weeks after giving birth, you are protected from pregnancy immediately.
Women's Low Sex Drive
Is it safe to remove hair around the nipple?
Few strays of hair near nipples are normal. You can simply tweeze it out. If you suddenly notice an excessive amount of hair show up around areola of the nipple, it might indicating a serious hormonal imbalance problem.
Women's Breast Enlargement
Is it normal that my nipples point in different directions?
It’s all right if you don’t experience any pain. Many women would have breasts that are slight different from each other (size and cup size). Even though, symmetry looks good. But there is nothing wrong if one nipple is bigger than the other or pointing at direction.
Women's Breast Enlargement
Is it harmful that my period stopped when I swim in cold water?

The counter pressure of the water stops the menstrual flow from coming out and coldness constricts blood flow a bit. It doest not stop inside of you. The uterus lining continues to shed. Once you are out of the water and standing up for several minutes, your menstrual flow should return to normal.

Women's PMS Problems heavy blood clots heavy menstrual flow
What are the side effects of smoking cigarettes?
Women who smoke cigarettes are more likely to have earlier menopause along with cardiovascular & lung diseases. Researches showed that toxins in cigarettes can negatively influenced estrogen and progesterone resulting in irregular menstrual cycles.
Women's Menopause PMS Problems smoking irregular menstrual cycle
What are alcohol’s side effects for women?
Alcohol can increase adrenal hormone secretion, increase anxiety, and interrupt normal sleep patterns. Over drinking can affect women’s menstrual cycle, suppress ovulation and induce an early menopause.
Women's Menopause alcohol abuse
What’s the side effect of excessive estrogen?
Excessive estrogen can cause depression, hypothyroidism, excessive vaginal wetness, and intercourse pain.
Women's Vaginal Discharge estrogen imbalance abnormal vaginal discharge depression
What’s the side effect of excessive progesterone?
Excessive progesterone can cause mood swings, anxiety, stress, vaginal dryness, yeast infection, and intercourse pain.
Women's Intercourse Pain Vaginal Dryness Vaginal Infection progesterone imbalance
Why some women have intense orgasm during the period?

Semen contains prostaglandins that are known to elicit a strong contraction of uterus. Some women would experience an intense orgasm as a result. Of course, the menstrual blood in the uterus is often squeezed out during orgasm too!

Women's Orgasm Difficulty PMS Problems orgasm dysfunction
What are the causes of incontinence for young women?
Urine incontinence often caused by weakness in the pelvic floor muscle due to constipation, aging, excessive weight gain, and tissue damage and stretched during pregnancy and childbirth.
Women's Overactive Bladder urinary incontinence
How Inverted Nipples Happened?
When the milk ducts inside the breasts attach to the nipples, preventing them from projecting externally. Suction devices can help nipple remain erect.
Women's Breast Enlargement
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