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Is my thyroid making me ejaculate fast? What are the symptoms of Hyperthyroidism?
A large portion of male with overactive thyroid problems (Hyperthyroidism) is suffering with premature ejaculation. Overactive thyroid have several signs and symptoms such as: Sudden weight loss, rapid heartbeat, increased appetite, nervousness, persistent sweating, fatigue, sleep problems, brittle hair, anxiety, and irritability.
Men's Premature Ejaculation thyroid hormone disorder
Is it safe for athlete to take Tribulus?
According to Journal of Strengthen & Conditioning Research, Trulus Terrestris did not change the urinary T/E ratio and would not place an athlete at risk of testing positive based on the World Anti-Doping Agency's urinary T/E ratio limit of 4:1.
Men's Sexual Wellbeing Weak Erection chronic fatigue
Impotence is a natural part of growing old?
It doesn't have to be. Even though many factors contributed to erectile dysfunction are age-related conditions, such as: cardiovascular disease, diabetes and taking medications for these conditions. If you take care your body right, impotence should not be considered a natural or acceptable part of the ageing process.
Men's Impotence
Does impotence means loss of interest in sex, lack of vigor or fertility?
In most cases, men suffered erectile dysfunction still retain desire and the ability to have an orgasm and ejaculate. Impotence means a difficulty start or maintain erections. Loss of interest in sex, sterility, or fertility are separated sexual dysfunctions.
Men's Impotence Youth Impotence
Can antidepressants cause ejaculation pain?
It has been known that some men can experienced ejaculation pain when taking Tricyclic Antidepressant, SSRI, or MAOIs.
Men's Penis Pain & Injury SSRI antidepressants painful ejaculation
What are the possible causes of ejaculation pain?
Painful ejaculation is usually caused by the inflammation of prostate (prostatitis), testicles (orchitis), or urethra (urethritis). Most common of all is prostatis.
Men's Penis Pain & Injury painful ejaculation
What is an orchitis?
It's an inflammation of one or both of the testicles. It usually happened when epididymitis is infected by bacteria or virus. Men with this condition would experience testicular pain during ejaculation. Treatment for orchitis consists of a combination of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications, pain medications, and temporary refrain from sexual activities.
Men's Testicular Pain & Injury painful ejaculation painful testicle
What Are The Role Of Prostaglandin E2 In Sexual Dysfunction?
There are many sub-class of Prostaglandin E2 serving various inflammatory responses. The role of Prostaglandin E2 with sexual dysfunction are very complicated and has been shown to reduce fertility in animal experiment. Excessive sexual stimulation from vibrator, dildo, hand or oral stimulation can directly induced the local skin or tissue to release prostaglandin E2, which act as a hormone back-regulated other hormones and sexual responses. As a result, you can experience a variety of symptoms, including depression, anxiety, bodily pains, vision problems, persistent sexual arousal and sexual dysfunction such as impotence and premature ejaculation in men and a lack of sexual stimulation in women.
Men's Over Masturbation excessive prostaglandin E2
Can Weight Loss Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk?
In the past, doctors have found that obesity increases the risk of prostate cancer, this research finding is the first research that investigated a significant numbers in a long period of time. Researchers from American Cancer Society has published a study of nearly 70,000 men, that have lost 11 pounds or more over the course of a decade reduced their risk of being diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer by approximately 40% compared to men whose weight remained unchanged.
Men's Prostate Enlargement
Can hemorrhoids cause impotence?
Men may be more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction if they have previously been diagnosed with hemorrhoids. Researchers have found that localized swelling of the varicose veins (hemorrhoids) induce genital irritaion and erectile disorders. It has been known that younger men experienced hemorrhoids are 3.71 times more to develop erectile dysfunction than older men.
Men's Impotence Youth Impotence
Will you lose the sensation in the penis after prostate surgery?
Many men indicated loss of penis sensation after prostate surgery is one of the cause for their impotence. Outcome of each type of prostate surgeries are different. Even though the nerve endings connected to the skin of the penis and nerves passing through prostate are different, but complications from prostate surgery varied and different between each person.
Men's Impotence Prostate Enlargement
Can I still reach orgasm after prostate surgery?
It all depends on the types and outcome of the surgery. There are several side effects and complication from the surgery and it's different between each person. For example, man still can have an orgasm after nerve sparing prostatectomy, but most likely "dry orgasm" can happened. Some men reported penis numbness and impotence.
Men's Impotence Prostate Enlargement dry orgasm
What would I know if my medication is the cause for my ED?
Most likely if you experienced erectile dysfunction right after taking a new medication that indicated the new drug is cause. But at some cases, especially men with very healthy liver, erectile dysfunction may occur until several months.
Men's Impotence
Can pain killer cause ED?
For some men taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to reduce pain are linked to erectile dysfunctions.
Men's Impotence
Can antibiotics cause ED?
Many antibiotics (ketoconazole) used to treat fungus infections are linked to erectile dysfunctions.
Men's Impotence Youth Impotence
Can anti-histamine drugs cause ED?
Many men experienced erectile dysfunctions for taking antihistamine drugs (ex: diphenhydramine, hydroxyzine) for allergies and Cimetidine for ulcers.
Men's Impotence Youth Impotence
Can hair loss drug cause impotence?
Finasteride is used to treat male patten baldness but is linked to erectile dysfunction.
Men's Impotence thinning hair
Which prostate cancer drug can cause ED?
Many hormonal medications are used to treat prostate cancer are linked to erectile dysfunctions, examples are Flutamide and Leuprolide.
Men's Impotence Weak Erection
Can antidepressants cause erectile dysfunction?
Many drugs used to treat depression & mood disorders have been linked to erectile dysfunction. But some are much less likely than others to cause problems. Drugs for anxiety (paroxetine), depression (sertraline), and schizophrenia (quetiapine) are just few examples.
Men's Impotence Weak Erection Youth Impotence antidepressants
Which high blood pressure drug can cause erectile dysfunction?
There are various medications can cause erectile dysfunction, such as medications used to treat hypertension. Two types of high blood pressure drugs, such as diuretics and beta-blocker often cause impotence. These two anti-hypertension drugs are the first drugs that a doctor is likely to prescribe if you are not able to lower your high blood pressure through normal exercise and diet.
Men's Impotence Youth Impotence high blood pressure drugs
Why some sexually exhausted or over-masturbated persons have different symptoms?
Think of excessive masturbation like the flu virus. Some individuals experience headaches, high fever, and cough, while some people endure a high fever and chills, but no cough. Excessive masturbation, like the flu, exhibits different symptoms for each person. When excessive masturbation leads to sexual exhaustion, multiple organs become affected, furthering the complications of the condition.
Men's Over Masturbation
Can enlarged prostate caused erectile dysfunction?
According to a published study at March 2007 from The International Journal of Impotence Research that close to half of the men with enlarged prostate (BPH) have problems achieve or maintain firm erection. Doctors have not exactly figured out the exact mechanism involved. It has been known that certain drugs for BPH and prostate surgery can cause erectile dysfunctions
Men's Impotence Prostate Enlargement
What is the HPA axis and how that affected ejaculation control?
The Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) axis is feedback-interaction system comprised of both the nervous and endocrine systems, which help control a man’s ejaculation mechanism. When the HPA axis is disrupted, typically in sexually exhausted men, it negatively affects the production of oxytocin and neurotransmitters that regulate the ejaculatory nerves and tissues, functions that if affect, can result in premature ejaculation.
Men's Premature Ejaculation
Can sport supplementation Agmatine cause erectile dysfunction?
Agamtine, used as a post-workout supplement, fights pains and allows an individual to recuperate from an injury faster. Men who suffer from sexual exhaustion should shy away from Agmatine as it can reduce nitric oxide production inside the penis. Once nitric oxide is reduced, men could experience unsustainable and weak erections. If you suffer from weak or unsustainable erections due to Agamtine, take herbal supplements to recover.
Men's Impotence Weak Erection Youth Impotence
Can hernia surgery cause impotence?
Yes, many men had hernia surgery reported various erectile dysfunctions. Chronic postoperative pain and damaged to sensory nerves in the groin area can contribute to the pain, too.
Men's Impotence
How excessive masturbation affected HPAT axis that resulted in poor sexual performance?
The hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal-testicular (HPAT) is a synergic complex set of feedback interactions among nervous and endocrine systems that regulate many sexual functions and responses. Neurotransmitters and hormones are the major messengers that communicate within this neuroendocrine HPAT axis. This is the fundamental reason that when men masturbated excessively depleting neurotransmitters, they also exhibited various discomfort symptoms beyond sex organs.
Men's Over Masturbation
Can Prostaglandins Cause Painful Sex?
Disruption of sex hormone balance or sex organ damages increase the production of Prostaglandin E2 resulted in pains. Prostaglandin E2 contributes to inflammatory pain that related to penile pain, testicular pain, prostate pain or pain after ejaculatoin.
Men's Penis Pain & Injury Testicular Pain & Injury excessive prostaglandin E2 painful penis painful testicle
How do I know if my Testosterone levels are low?
Testosterone normally declines as men get older. A typical normal male testosterone level range given is 260 -1080 ng/dl. Men with low testosterone usually have at least 2 of the following symptoms:
  • Decrease in energy (constant fatigue)
  • Decrease in sex drive
  • Decrease in strength or endurance
  • Mood swing or grumpy moods
  • Decrease in work performance
  • Decrease in erection quality
Men's Low Sex Drive Male Menopause low testosterone
What is Testosterone?
Known as an androgen (male sex hormone), testosterone is responsible for several things affecting both the male and female body. For males however, testosterone controls the development of their primary and secondary sex characteristics, such as development of penis, sperm, sex drive, deeper voice, and hair growth. Insufficient testosterone levels – due to age, disease, physical abnormalities, or drugs – has generally been known to cause such problems as decreased libido and interference with the development of sexual organs. Therefore, testosterone level is often higher for young adults naturally.
Men's Low Sex Drive Male Menopause low testosterone testosterone imbalance
Do blue balls really exist ? Is it really painful during ejaculation?
Blue balls, a socially coined term describing the lurid blue shade of the scrotum, occurs because of the de-oxygenated blood stored in the scrotum for excessive periods. While the occurrence rare, men who suffer from prostate exhaustion do report a color change in their testicles as well as scrotum pain and premature ejaculation. Pain can vary depending on the level of exhaustion, with some men reporting mild ache to severe ejaculation pain, like that felt when kicked in the scrotum. Learn more about Exhaustion Recovery For Your Prostate.
Men's Prostatitis
Can prostatitis cause premature ejaculation?
Yes. Prostate inflammation often spreaded arcross the pelvic and other nerves, making pelvic muscle nerves and ejaculatory nerves hypersensitive. Learn more about Herbs For Premature Ejaculation & Painful Prostate.
Men's Premature Ejaculation Prostatitis painful ejaculation painful bladder pelvic pain
Can an enlarged prostate cause an early ejaculation?
Yes an enlarged prostate can cause early ejaculation due to physical harm, hormonal imbalance, and physiological issues. Enlarged prostate can physically over-stimulated ejaculatory nerves, produced more DHT, and negatively influence the enzymes involved in the ejaculation mechanism. Learn natural ways to recover from premature ejaculation with enlarged prostate.
Men's Premature Ejaculation Prostate Enlargement
Why I ejaculate early for intercourse but not oral sex?
You have exhausted prostate & weak parasympathetic nerves. During sexual intercourse you contract the muscles around the genital areas that created a pressure & stress to your exhausted prostate signaled it to release precum resulted in rapid ejaculation. Strengthen your prostate by taking Exhaustion Recovery For Your Prostate.
Men's Premature Ejaculation
What are the side effects of high dose of caffeine?
Long term consumption of high dose of caffeine can lead to insomnia, anxiety, mood disorders, premature ejaculation and other dysfunctions. Too much caffeine would increase the secretion of ACTH, which is the hormone that triggers the adrenal glands to produce lots stress hormones. High dose of coffeine has been shown to cause premature ejaculation due to the hyper-stimulation of the prostate and affect the parasympathetic nerves.
Men's Premature Ejaculation
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