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<DIV class=block-image><A href="/guide/your-guide-male-low-sex-drive"><IMG src="/sites/default/files/images/guide/men/low_sex_drive/low_sex_drive_summary.gif" width=130></A>It’s a sad fact of life that as men age, their libido decreases. This developed lack of desire can have a detrimental effect on a man’s psyche. But a low sex drive can even affect young men. Overcoming the issue, and restoring healthy sexuality begins by recognizing the potential causes... <SPAN class=read-more><A href="/guide/your-guide-male-low-sex-drive">Read overview</A></SPAN><BR><BR><SPAN class=cufon>Causes :</SPAN><BR>
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<DIV class=block-image><A href="/guide/low-sex-drive-caused-low-testosterone"><IMG src="/sites/default/files/images/guide/men/low_sex_drive/low_testosterone_summary.gif" width=80></A></DIV><STRONG><A href="/guide/low-sex-drive-caused-low-testosterone">Low Sex Drive &amp; Low Testosterone</A></STRONG></LI>
<DIV class=block-image><A href="/guide/low-sex-drive-caused-male-menopause"><IMG src="/sites/default/files/low_sex_drive_summary_0.gif" width=80></A></DIV><STRONG><A href="/guide/low-sex-drive-caused-male-menopause">Low Sex Drive &amp; Male Menopause</A></STRONG></LI></UL></DIV>
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<DIV class=block-image><A href="/guide/low-sex-drive-caused-abdominal-obesity"><IMG src="/sites/default/files/images/guide/men/low_sex_drive/abdominal_obesity_summary.gif" width=80></A></DIV><STRONG><A href="/guide/low-sex-drive-caused-abdominal-obesity">Low Sex Drive &amp; Abdominal Obesity</A></STRONG></LI>
<DIV class=block-image><A href="/guide/male-orgasmic-disorder-caused-low-sex-drive"><IMG src="/sites/default/files/images/guide/men/low_sex_drive/male_orgasmic_disorder_caused_low_testosterone_libido_summary.gif" width=80></A></DIV><STRONG><A href="/guide/male-orgasmic-disorder-caused-low-sex-drive">Male Orgasmic Disorder - Caused by Low Sex Drive</A></STRONG></LI></UL></DIV></DIV></DIV></DIV></DIV></DIV>

How do I know if my Testosterone levels are low?
Testosterone normally declines as men get older. A typical normal male testosterone level range given is 260 -1080 ng/dl. Men with low testosterone usually have at least 2 of the following symptoms:
  • Decrease in energy (constant fatigue)
  • Decrease in sex drive
  • Decrease in strength or endurance
  • Mood swing or grumpy moods
  • Decrease in work performance
  • Decrease in erection quality
Men's Low Sex Drive Male Menopause low testosterone
What is Testosterone?
Known as an androgen (male sex hormone), testosterone is responsible for several things affecting both the male and female body. For males however, testosterone controls the development of their primary and secondary sex characteristics, such as development of penis, sperm, sex drive, deeper voice, and hair growth. Insufficient testosterone levels – due to age, disease, physical abnormalities, or drugs – has generally been known to cause such problems as decreased libido and interference with the development of sexual organs. Therefore, testosterone level is often higher for young adults naturally.
Men's Low Sex Drive Male Menopause low testosterone testosterone imbalance
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