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Recover From Incomplete Bladder Emptying With Pumpkin Seeds

Maybe helpful for: Men's Prostate Enlargement Causes: DHT Symptoms: painful urination
Prostate enlargement (BPH) can compromise the bladder’s ability to effectively empty, causing chronic retention of urine. This contributes to urgency and frequency because the bladder still signals that it needs emptying. Consumption of Pumpkin Seeds extract is beneficial for your prostate & bladder.
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Vibrating Penis Enhancer: A Tool for Clitoris Insensitivity

About 3 out of 4 women require clitoris stimulation to reach an orgasm. Men with thin penises or poor technique can notice difficulties pleasing a woman. And men who cannot satisfy a woman’s needs can notice the complications, frustration, anger and dissatisfaction.
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Eye Masks: A Product for Improved Sexual Experiences

Sex is better in the dark. I know your rebuttal—“lights make sex more appealing.” Sure, they do. But most couples prefer to keep the lights off during sex because of embarrassment or because sex feels more natural. Well if you keep the lights off, great!
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Products for Furthering Your Sexual Fetishes

Sex is only as fun as your imagination. People who lack creativity often notice their sex lives follow a similar path. Un-creative individuals experience routine sex lives. They participate in the same sex positions, in the same place with the same techniques.
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Vibrating Cock Rings for Erectile Dysfunction: Movements for an Urgent Night of Fun

Maybe helpful for: Men's Impotence
Some men experience trouble gaining or maintaining an erection. It happens to both experienced veterans and novices alike. For men, the sight can prove an embarrassing experience; for women, a frustrating event. When the issue occurs, men panic.
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Lasso Your Penis Toward a Harder Erection

Maybe helpful for: Men's Weak Erection
Prepare to unleash your inner cowboy as you’ll be hogtying your penis. You might not have a cowboy hat or matching boots, but this small lasso will wrangle in stronger erections for improved stimulation.
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The Frequency and Urgency of Prostatitis

At your age, you’ve accepted that you’ll never have a head full of hair. You’ve grown comfortable with your newfound weight. You’ve even started drinking water while standing over the toilet, because at your age, even a sip of water will send you running to the bathroom. And for men with Prostatitis, the trips to the bathroom will be frequent, slow and usually painful—just like a divorce. It’s an annoying, often debilitating habit that men have accepted thanks to prostate inflammation.
Understanding the Frequency and Urgency Caused by Prostatitis
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Painful Ejaculations: Understanding the Causes of an Uncommon Issue

The last thing you expect to experience during an orgasm is pain, but it’s the one thing you continue to feel. It starts off small, and gradually progresses to a stinging, pulsating feeling around your testicles and abdomen. The pain irritates, and often makes you avoid engaging in sex because of the discomfort. And the causes can vary from testicle inflammation to discomfort of the prostate. For men with prostate inflammation, known as Prostatitis, sex can go from pleasurable to painful.
Explaining the Pain
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Understanding UTI-Related Pain Caused by Prostatitis

One in five women will contract a UTI throughout their lifetime. For men, the chances of contracting a UTI remain slim, about as low as getting killed by a vending machine, which occurs 10 times every year. Okay, maybe not that low, but still, the likelihood remains far less than women. For men, the typical cause for UTIs occurs because of a bladder infection, a side effect of Prostatitis.
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