Sensual Screwing Local Motion Technique

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Yes! This is the loco-motion of the sexual dance! This technique is not hard. “It’s a lot easier than learning your ABC’s”! This technique is documented in Su-Nui-Ching, the ancient Chinese Sex... ( 4 ) comments
Tai-Chi Vaginal Massaging For Odor & Discharges
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Up Yours! How to Smooth the Way into Every Hole

I’m sure everyone can relate when I tell you how much I love going through other people’s bathrooms. Right? I’m not the only weirdo here, am I? Anyhow, I spent a few days with an old friend of mine a couple weeks ago and while she was showering, I was perusing the medicine cabinet, shelves, and counter drawers. We’re cool like that.
Two’s Company
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Take a Look, It’s in a Book: Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex and Were Afraid to Ask

There’s only so much information you can get without having first hand experience. When you’re a kid, you ask your friends, who typically don’t know any more than you do, and fill you in with some ridiculous idea of what they think sex, oral, or French kissing is. Unfortunately, the same usually holds true, even when you’re old enough to find out through other means. We tend to ask our friends for advice, rather than consulting any sort of real authority, and end up with a sometimes hilariously distorted idea of what constitutes good foreplay, or how to perform fellatio.
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Don't be surprise that endometriosis might be the cause of your infertility

When the lining of your uterus thickens and started grown outside of the uterus, inflammation that can lead to infertility problem for many women.
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to tight to be penetrated??
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Intercourse Pain
Natural Energy Booster or Mood Balancer
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Am I in perimenopause? I still get my period, but I’m starting to have hot flashes.
by Shabaka Runihura on Thu, 05/15/2014 - 14:39
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From Kung Fu Grip to Loosey Goose – Tightening Things up with Ben Wa Balls

A middle-aged woman is seeing several younger men and fears that they might not be getting off sufficiently on her vagina since she suspects her muscles are a little loose down... more

Let’s Talk About Beads – Yes the Anal Variety

A sexually active woman is starting to become bored with the same ‘ol same ‘ol, and is looking for something in the anal realm which will heighten her pleasure and open her up to... more

From a Deluge to a Desert – Feminine Dryness

This woman is having her cake and eating it too; she has a lover who she is seeing on the side but is now experiencing a little hick-up in the form of vaginal dryness. How can she... more
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