Weak Erection


A weak or unsustainable erection can have a detrimental psychological effect, but it’s the cause of the condition that is the real problem. Alcohol, drugs, excessive masutrbation or even a poor diet may be to blame…Read more

Botanical Formula for Erection Rejuvenation

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If you want to recharge your erectile tissue to regain those firm, rock-hard erections this soultion is right for you. ( 40 ) comments
Botanical Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction
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Herbal Solutions for Poor Erection and Premature Ejaculation
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When He’s Not Up to Anything, not Even His Erection, And You’re Still Unsatisfied

Why is it that some men can’t keep up an erection during sex? Everything seems to be normal; foreplay goes well, he’s erect, you begin congress, and then five minutes into girl-on-top and you’re losing sensation. Quick check, what do we find? He’s half soft! Isn’t being face to face with a sexy woman, going hot and heavy, enough to keep him hard?
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A Man With Backbone: Putting Spine Back Into Your Erections at Any Age

There’s a point at which all men begin noticing issues with erections. No matter how much of a Lothario you were in your youth, one day or another, you’ll start having problems getting it up. And why? It all comes down to a question of how long your male hormones will hold out.
Slippery Slope
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What! Penis Has A Life Cycle Too?

Doctors explain how a penis changes in size, appearance, and strength with age. Men's nightmare on aging! I frequently heard about senior's erectile dysfunction problems. It's no surprise to expect old man symbolizes impotence.
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Premature Ejaculation
new user need advice on where to start? PE, ED due to over masterbation.
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Erection & Ejaculation
What is better soft erections and increasing penis Health Astra Vigor vs. Power E
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Erection & Ejaculation

My Penis Has Become a Slab of Soft Meat – What are These Herbal Mixtures All About?

Another unhappily married man has come to rely on sex with his hand since his dear wife has cut off the majority of sexual intercourse that he’s used to. Now he’s suffering from... more

He’s Hit a Wall At Twenty-Five Due to Constant Sex: Can He Restore His Erections, Before It’s Too Late?

He’s a young man with an old man’s problem. Why is he, at twenty-five, already having problems with erectile dysfunction? He’s used to a very busy sex life—now, it’s in ruins.... more

Pushed Too Far: His Sex Drive Has Disappeared, Leaving His Wife Disenchanted, and Him Worried

He’s got an extremely low sex drive that seems to have come out of nowhere. His wife is unhappy, and worries that it’s some problem on her end. He’s looking to restore his libido... more
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