Vaginal Odor


When a woman is particularly sexually active, that last thing she wants is to have unpleasant vaginal aroma. Such odors are often the result of poor hygiene or a bacterial infection called vaginosis. Left untreated, it can lead to serious complications…
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Tai-Chi Vaginal Massaging For Odor & Discharges

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Tai-Chi Vaginal Massaging is a technique described in the Suu-Nu-Ching (the first Mystic Chinese Sex Bible from 3500 years ago) and was developed for women with various vaginal abrasions, abnormal... ( 3 ) comments
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Name That Symptom – Diagnosing Common Vaginal Issues

The vagina is a complex organism. What other body part has an entire aisle dedicated to it at the local pharmacy? A storing house for all manner of blood, mucus, urine, yeast and some fluids that haven't even been identified by science, the vagina causes women profound stress and frustration. When something goes wrong, i.e. an unidentified infection or odor, the vagina can terrify a woman. So it's important to understand what various symptoms can actually signify. 
What's Wrong With My Vagina? 
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A Dilapidated Immune System Can Cause Vaginal Issues

Stress, exhaustion, hormonal imbalances, allergic reactions, and inflammatory responses can all weaken and leave the immune system in a dilapidated state. For women, poor hygiene and unsanitary conditions can expose their bodies to dangerous bacteria and viruses. Women who suffer from poor vaginal health due to the collated efforts of poor hygiene and chronic pleasure may want to consider taking Apis Mellifica. Read more

Tips that Can Help Women Get Rid of Vaginal Odor, Itch, and Other Issues

According to statistics, most women at one point or another will have to contend with a feminine odor, which is often described as a fishy vaginal smell. According to the newly released tip sheets, vaginal odor can be caused by both medical and non-medical reasons.
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Vaginal Problems
Possible STI?
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Vaginal Problems

Too Wet To Handle

Learn how a woman's excessive moisture down there could be something much more than a generous helping of discharge.

Too Many Symptoms to List: Her Body’s on an Erratic Ride with PMS

Her symptoms of PMS are interfering with everything from her mental well-being to her sex life. Vaginal odor and discharge, menstrual cramps and vaginal dryness have prompted her... more

Smell Ya Later

Female complains of a fishy smell after sex with her boyfriend. She has never noticed this odor before, and he claims the same. Both think the other is at fault for the smell.... more
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