Vaginal Looseness


A ‘loose’ vagina can make achieving sexual satisfaction difficult for a woman, as less friction is created during intercourse (particularly if her partner is under-endowed). Though commonly associated with aging or excessive sex…Read more

Tai-Chi Vaginal Massaging For Odor & Discharges

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Tai-Chi Vaginal Massaging is a technique described in the Suu-Nu-Ching (the first Mystic Chinese Sex Bible from 3500 years ago) and was developed for women with various vaginal abrasions, abnormal... ( 3 ) comments
Finger Plier Screwing Technique
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Advanced Aswini Mudra Yoga
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Stretched to the Limit: Most Women Would Rather Not Discuss Vaginal Looseness Caused by Childbirth

Amanda had her first baby at 21. She was not yet married, but that didn’t matter to her or the baby’s father. All they wanted was a healthy, happy child – and a settled family life.
After a smooth pregnancy with the usual oddball cravings, like mashed potatoes and tomato basil soup, Amanda felt calm about her pending delivery. That is, until the labor pains started. In the hospital, she felt her body turn itself inside out as her daughter came into the world. Yet, looking into her newborn’s eyes, Amanda knew the pain was worth the love she felt.
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Opening Closed Blossoms: What One Flower Can Do For Your Sexual Experience

Have you ever noticed how the smallest thing can have terrific consequences? For example, birth control. One tiny pill, shot, or ring and your procreation problems are put on hold. You barely have to think about it, whilst inside your body enormous upheavals are taking place. Hormonal systems are being undermined, uprooted, and overwritten. Usually, the worst we get out of it is nausea or spotting.
Where Is This Coming From?
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More Reasons To Lift Weights With Your Vagina

Most doctors would agreed that a stronger pelvic floor can help eliminate urinary incontinence and vaginal looseness problem. Particually beneficial for women after pregnancy
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Vaginal Problems

From Kung Fu Grip to Loosey Goose – Tightening Things up with Ben Wa Balls

A middle-aged woman is seeing several younger men and fears that they might not be getting off sufficiently on her vagina since she suspects her muscles are a little loose down... more

Eight Children and Vaginal Looseness: Her Body Isn’t What It Once Was

As a mother of eight, she takes great pride and delight in her large family. And even after 10 years of marriage, she and her husband still keep the romantic fires burning. Her... more

She’s Hot and Horny for Sex but Needs to Firm Her Aging Vagina

This mother of three is no shrinking violet in the bedroom. She admittedly loves sex and, when her husband isn’t around, achieves satisfaction by masturbating. But she’s... more
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