Vaginal Dryness


When the vagina isn't properly lubricated it can feel itchy and irritated, making most daily activities uncomfortable and sexual intercourse less than pleasurable. The condition can affect women of all ages...(more)

Vaginal Insensitivity and Dryness Relief Remedy

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The main reasons for vaginal and clitoral desensitization and dryness: hormonal disturbances and vaginal abrasions. A hormonal imbalance can cause a reduction in vaginal mucus while a thinning of... ( 2 ) comments
Advanced Botanical Formula for Vaginal Dryness
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Gone, But Not Forgotten: What to Do When You’re Missing Your Lubrication Mojo

When you’re in the first bloom of sexual romance, the biggest problem most of us have to deal with is generally our partner’s inexperience, which can definitely lead to pain and dryness, but from a lack of arousal, rather than any sort of physical problem. And then, when you think you’ve got life and love all figured out, the other shoe drops. All of a sudden, sex is all dried up.
Sandpaper Pussy
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Slipping and Sliding: The Right Lube Makes All the Difference for Pleasurable Sexual Experiences

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but another item of equal value is the personal lubricant. Lubes can’t be flaunted on a finger or flourished at a party, but they can turn any sexual encounter into a body-quaking experience. The problem is that selecting the right variety can be a daunting endeavor.
A Girl in Favor of Water-Based Lube
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Tips that Can Help Women Get Rid of Vaginal Odor, Itch, and Other Issues

According to statistics, most women at one point or another will have to contend with a feminine odor, which is often described as a fishy vaginal smell. According to the newly released tip sheets, vaginal odor can be caused by both medical and non-medical reasons.
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Vaginal Problems

From a Deluge to a Desert – Feminine Dryness

This woman is having her cake and eating it too; she has a lover who she is seeing on the side but is now experiencing a little hick-up in the form of vaginal dryness. How can she... more

Absent from the Equation: She Over-Masturbated and Continues to Indulge but No Longer Orgasms

She now wonders how to repair the damage done to her body by repeated masturbation.

I'm Dry, Is My Vagina About To Die?

The urge for sex is contemplated by the actual body changes. A dry vagina has come to haunt her and stop her from enjoying her sexual life...
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