Vaginal Discharge

Overview, causes, and symptoms

Vaginal discharge commonly occurs during sexual activity, masturbation, menstrual periods, etc… However, it can become problematic if it consistently stains undergarments; is purulent or bloodstained; or causes itching, soreness or burning…Read more

Causes & Symptoms :

Tai-Chi Vaginal Massaging For Odor & Discharges

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Tai-Chi Vaginal Massaging is a technique described in the Suu-Nu-Ching (the first Mystic Chinese Sex Bible from 3500 years ago) and was developed for women with various vaginal abrasions, abnormal... ( 3 ) comments
Herbal Tincture For Excessive Vaginal Discharge
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The Spray Factor: Ejaculation Doesn’t Only Come from Males

Female ejaculation. We’re talking about the juicy fluid you emit with orgasm. You know, when sex feels so good you can’t stop yourself. It’s not urine, and it’s not water. Instead, it is the equivalent of male ejaculation and is accepted as perfectly normal.
The Girl Who Wanted to Ejaculate
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The Pill’s Real Story: It Prevents Pregnancy and Stops PMS Symptoms, but Unwanted Side Effects include Vaginal Infection and Orgasm Dysfunction

The pill is the most commonly-used form of contraception among women. Its popularity is owed to a 91 percent effective rate at preventing pregnancy and the ability to manage PMS symptoms. But here’s the bigger picture: the pill causes dangerous side effects like increased risk of heart attack and blood clots. Many women also experience sexual dysfunction. For Carmen, who began taking the pills in college, birth control proved more damaging than PMS.

Let Herballove Community Help You
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Discharge--Be Gone!

Yeast infections are like the cough, every lady will experience it. Now thanks to alternative methods, ladies may cure common vaginal discharge problems thanks to virginals steams.
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Vaginal Problems

Vaginal Infection Or Too Much Birth Control

Learn how a husband searches for answers about his wife's curious discharge and abdominal pains.

What’s Normal and Not: Excessive Vaginal Discharge Doesn’t Always Come with Other Symptoms

She stopped taking birth control after two years and, based on chunky white vaginal discharge, recently thought she suffered from a yeast infection. But she had no other symptoms... more

In Need of Answers – She Questions the Abnormal Discharge and Menstrual Cycle Now Afflicting Her

She suffers from reddish-brown discharge and irregular bleeding. Both problems have prompted her concern, and she now wonders if something is seriously wrong with her body. An... more
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