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Beginner's Guide To Anal Douche and Enema

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The history of enemas remains disputed, but according to historians, the devices gained popularity from the response to emerging populations of homosexual males. According to sex historians,... ( 3 ) comments
Anal Lube Guide
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Up Yours! How to Smooth the Way into Every Hole

I’m sure everyone can relate when I tell you how much I love going through other people’s bathrooms. Right? I’m not the only weirdo here, am I? Anyhow, I spent a few days with an old friend of mine a couple weeks ago and while she was showering, I was perusing the medicine cabinet, shelves, and counter drawers. We’re cool like that.
Two’s Company
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Take a Look, It’s in a Book: Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex and Were Afraid to Ask

There’s only so much information you can get without having first hand experience. When you’re a kid, you ask your friends, who typically don’t know any more than you do, and fill you in with some ridiculous idea of what they think sex, oral, or French kissing is. Unfortunately, the same usually holds true, even when you’re old enough to find out through other means. We tend to ask our friends for advice, rather than consulting any sort of real authority, and end up with a sometimes hilariously distorted idea of what constitutes good foreplay, or how to perform fellatio.
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Where To Kiss To Turn Her On...?

Scientists have done various test and found 3 spots that can turn most women ON. There are the areas of the female for the effect of  light touch, pressure and vibration. For light touch, the neck was most sensitive, for pressure the clitoris and nipple were most sensitive. Now go try them out!
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Vaginal Problems

Let’s Talk About Beads – Yes the Anal Variety

A sexually active woman is starting to become bored with the same ‘ol same ‘ol, and is looking for something in the anal realm which will heighten her pleasure and open her up to... more

Unleash Your Inner-Freak – Visual Sex Guides

A man is finally free at last, and out of a crappy marriage. Now he is on the rise in realizing his previously nullified wild side, and is looking for a little bit of help in the... more

Poop-Chute Paranoia – Anal Enemas

A sexually active man wants to try anal with a willing woman but is a little apprehensive about it since he’s heard some negative feedback from a friend. Let’s see if we can steer... more
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