Prostate Enlargement


As men get older, they commonly develop problems urinating.  Many men mistakenly attribute these problems to the body's normal process of aging.  In reality, the culprit is usually an enlarged...Read overview

Herbal Remedies For Premature Ejaculation With Enlarged Prostate

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Advanced Incontinence & Overactive Bladder Remedy
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Botanical Prostate Rejuvenation & Detox For Erectile Problems
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Poppy Cock! When You Just Can’t Stop Your Premature Ejaculation Because of Prostate Growth

There you are…sitting on your couch waiting for your date to call and tell you that she’s about to park. You’ve got some good smooth music on and your bachelor pad is nice and neat. Heck, it hasn’t been this clean since your mother last visited. And before you leave, you head to the bathroom, a trend that seems to have risen over the last few months. You stand over the toilet, straining, pushing, grunting.
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What To Do When Your Prostate Causes Premature Ejaculation Issues

John rose from his desk and went to the employee men’s room for the eighth time just in the same morning. He felt as though his co-workers were now eye-balling him suspiciously for having to take so many trips to the bathroom. He walked into the restroom and then up to a urinal as he unzipped his fly, thinking about the hot, young, new temp who worked in one of the adjoining offices.
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Shrinking Prostates Can Provide Men with Long Term Prostate Relief

According to a study of over 500 men with pain and other symptoms associated with prostate enlargement, shrinking the penis without the use of surgery provided plenty of long-term relief. Almost 3 quarters of men in the study reported experiencing significant improvements in the period of 3 years.
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The Big Squeeze – Shrink that Swollen Prostate Back Down and Eliminate Incontinence with Herbal Power

A man is noticing some pain in discomfort not only in his pee-pee but also deeper within his bladder. He wants to avoid traditional medications and is seeking a natural solution…

Restoring Erectile Hardness & Rebooting Your Sex Life

A former porn performer is seeking some guidance because a life of too much sex has burned him out to the extent that he can no longer get hard. Can this situation be rectified,... more

Flaming Embers of Pain – Reducing the Enlarged Prostate

A man who is in his mid-30s is experiencing an ever-growing prostate. If that wasn’t enough, his pee seems to be Greek fire and his erections are becoming placid. How can we help... more
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