Premature Ejaculation


  • Are you too quick or just too excited?
    If you suffer from Premature Ejaculation that isn't persistent and there isn't an obvious cause, it usually means you can’t hold ejaculation long enough due to over excitement. This type of premature ejaculation can happen to men at any age but only occurs occasionally, suddenly, or unexpectedly.
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Identify the root cause is the first step for your recovery from Persistent Premature Ejaculation. You know your body better than any doctor. Grasp the knowledge and regain your control back... Read more

Psychological causes:

Hormonal causes:

Medical causes:

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Calm Pills For Hyperactively Aroused Premature Ejaculation

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If you suffer from P.E. problems caused by anxiety or worry, take the formula to calm your spirit. ( 2 ) comments
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Spa-Looge! “Not Again!” – Tips for Tackling Premature Ejaculation

Nothing spells sexual failure more than premature ejaculation. I mean, if a man’s totally impotent at least he usually doesn’t set himself up for failure since many time his penis won’t even come out to play.

But when you start some hanky-panky and things get super-hot and heated, only to have an early blow-out and derail the hopes for having some more lengthy pleasure, a woman can feel cheated, let-down, and sometimes pretty pissed. Not only can this sexual drawback prevent a potential relationship from blossoming, but it can even end existing ones.
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Your Boyfriend Comes too Soon – Is It Your Fault?

It's one of the most common issues to plague a healthy relationship. She's just getting fired up, and he's already firing away. What the hell just happened? No woman finds satisfaction in a sexual encounter that involves six thrusts and a kiss goodnight. And you've probably heard this one before: “I swear this has never happened before.” 
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Pelvic Exercises Might Be Beneficial for Men with PE

20% of men will suffer with premature ejaculation varying in ages from 18-59.
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Premature Ejaculation
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Premature Ejaculation
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More and more young guys are experiencing premature ejaculation, and it's not because women are getting hotter. Learn the real facts, and take control of the situation.

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Here we find a gentleman who has been having success in penis growth, but is now having a hard time controlling his ejaculations. How can he resolve this potentially embarrassing... more
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