PMS Problems


Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a collection of negative symptoms related to a woman's menstrual cycle; anxiety, depression, crying spells, mood swings, irritability, fluid retention, abdominal bloating, etc... PMS can cause serious emotional and physical pain and make life miserable for several days each month…Read more

Benefits of Maca For Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

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Tosha Nichole was diagnosed with PCOS,... ( 4 ) comments
Natural Solutions For Irregular Menstrual Periods
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Chujoto - Japanese Herbal Menstrual Formula
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Herbal Remedies to Stop Irritability During the Menstrual Cycle

The side effects of the premenstrual cycle are seemingly endless and are completely different for each woman. Understanding how PMS effects the body is an important step to helping soothe and prevent major issues. By being aware of what is happening to the body internally, one can find the best ways to feel better.

Uncontrollable Anger & Sensitivity
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Chujoto- Japanese Herbal Tea for Decreased PMS Symptoms

You wake up in the morning with an even complexion, smooth hair, ready to start the day. You slip into your trendy work out gear, and head to the mountains. It’s barely ten o’clock and already you’ve biked to the top. Standing on the mountains peak you look over towards your beautiful city, aware of your excellence, praising your accomplishment, thankful for your complexity. You take out your tiny pill pack and your thoughts revolve around this statement, “I am woman, hear me roar!”
On the Pill
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Missing Cycles

I discovered that I could alter my menstrual cycle on accident. After taking birth control pills, I started to notice a reoccurring pattern of missed cycles. Now after reading this study I have skeptical emotions toward missing my cycle.
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PMS Problems
Questions about Mirena Coil for your menstrual cycle
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PMS Problems

Close the Floodgates!

Woman menstruates almost constantly—from heavy bleeding whilst on her period, to “spotting” when not, which occurs not in spots but in floods! Why does she bleed so much and so... more

Too Many Symptoms to List: Her Body’s on an Erratic Ride with PMS

Her symptoms of PMS are interfering with everything from her mental well-being to her sex life. Vaginal odor and discharge, menstrual cramps and vaginal dryness have prompted her... more

Menstrual Pain is Cramping Her Style

Woman has habitually experienced intense menstrual cramps so painful that she can’t do anything! Now, her cramps have worsened, if that was possible. She used to use sex to... more
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