Over Masturbation

Overview and Symptoms

Are you over-masturbated? How much is too much? Masturbation is a part of life and our sexual practices. However, started excessive masturbation before puberty, doing it multiple times per day, or consistently to the point that disrupt the normal endocrine-nervous system interaction often led to various symptoms such as fatigue, thinning hair, and soft erection. Find out severity of your sexual exhaustion based on the number of symptoms appeared.  In extreme cases, sufferers fall into the pitfalls of premature ejaculation and penis shrinkage. Any of this sound like you?.... Read overview

Symptoms :

Advance Herbal Remedy For Exhaustion & Dysfunction

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Mental and Sexual Exhaustion may be the result of a very serious stress condition that hinders the human body with multiple symptoms that are often ignored because they develop so gradually. ( 72 ) comments
Mind Control Solution For Addicted Dirty Mind
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Botanical Formula for Erection Rejuvenation
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Spinning the Downward Spiral: Repair Hard Living and Sexual Exhaustion with the Herbal Remedy ViaPal-hGH-O

Vic appears straight as an arrow. He’s a gourmet chef and cookbook author. He has an MBA from Stanford University and collects model airplanes. When home, he spends his time studying, mowing lawn and testing new recipes.
Hard Living
But Vic’s life wasn’t always so tidy. He started smoking cigarettes at age nine, masturbating the following year and drinking before he was a teenager. These pastimes became obsessions, and even his parents couldn’t stop Vic’s downward spiral.
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Puny Pop-Gun or Mighty Mortar? – Sparing Yourself the Misery of Small Erections

I remember back years ago while I was attending college, I used to take a lot of courses purely out of interest. When I finally talked to a counselor for the first time, I found out that I should have been taking certain courses here, certain courses there, all in order to fulfill my general education requirements. That sure made me feel like a real boob!
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Do Animals Masturbate?

Scientists concluded that animal masturbate to keep their genitals clean and stave off sexually-transmitted infections... Very different from human...!
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A Serious Problem with Self-Pleasure: His Sexual Health and Marriage Are in Trouble Because He Can’t Stop Masturbating

His love of masturbation has landed him in hot water before – he’s been caught repeatedly since his teen years. Now it’s created a wedge in his six-month old marriage; he can’t... more

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