Orgasm Difficulty

Overview and Causes

It is an unfortunate truth that many women have essentially been ‘trained’ to be sexless. They’ve never tried to stimulate themselves. When they do engage in sex, their partners rarely do what is necessary to relax and arouse them. Once the man is done, the woman is left, unaffected…Read more

Causes & Symptoms :

Sensual Screwing Local Motion Technique

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Yes! This is the loco-motion of the sexual dance! This technique is not hard. “It’s a lot easier than learning your ABC’s”! This technique is documented in Su-Nui-Ching, the ancient Chinese Sex... ( 5 ) comments
Advanced Corporal Screwing Technique
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Finger Plier Screwing Technique
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Double Down Downtown: How to Improve Sex for Both of You At Once with A Magical Cock Ring

Sometimes sex isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Age, stress, hormones…all kinds of things can get in the way of our having a good time. And it’s not just women who are left in the dust. Men, too, can feel bored and disappointed—even with a sexy, beautiful woman. That’s because sex is more than just insert Tab A into Slot B. Many sexual adventurers crave more excitement in bed through fantasy or bondage, or even just more titillating sex in general.
Buddy Up
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When Life gets in the Way: A Passionate Marriage is Hard to Hold Unless Both Partners Pay Their Dues

The first few years of their marriage, Tawny and Ryan each blazed with passion. The looks they shared sent shivers down her spine, their kisses put butterflies in her stomach. “We were always desperate for the other’s touch,” she says. “Sometimes we couldn’t even get into the bedroom before we started tearing our clothes off.”
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Woman Experiences Orgasm For 3 Hours

It's too good to be true for some women. But this woman rushed to ER, after having persistent orgasm for 3 hours...
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Orgasm Dysfunction
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Orgasm Dysfunction

Intense Vibrator Damage

Learn about the harmful aspects a vibrator can bring to light, and how to avoid them.

One Woman, One C-Section and One Orgasm: She’s Only Climaxed Once in Her Life and Needs Sexual Satisfaction

She lost her virginity at age 15 and since then has had only one orgasm. The biggest challenge she faces is that of recovering from an emergency C-section. This operation changes... more

Help! I Have Broken My Orgasm

Learn about a woman who seems to have damaged her clitoris, and the steps she can take to repair it.
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