Overview and Symptoms

Menopause essentially marks the end of a woman’s time of fertility. It is a customary biological process often accompanied by emotional and physical suffering. Long-thought to be simply inevitable side effects of natural aging, the symptoms of menopause are actually treatable… Read more

Symptoms :

Reflexology Treatment for Menopause

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Don’t confuse it with a simple foot rub. The art of reflexology is more than a massage, just as menopause is more than a symptom of aging. A better knowledge of each may actually help you understand... ( 4 ) comments
Young Again - Revive Passion for Menopausal Women
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Chujoto - Japanese Herbal Menstrual Formula
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How Does Menopause Contribute To Urinary Incontinence?

Dozens of changes occur within the body during menopause, some more embarrassing and harder to endure than others. One major change that occurs because of menopause: the drop in estrogen and testosterone levels that create new difficulties and problems.

Because of the changes to the body’s chemistry levels, menopause can lead to urinary incontinence, a common issue that hinders bladder control. 
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Stop the Insanity! How to Get Some Sleep When You’ve Got Menopausal Insomnia

When I don’t get enough sleep, it’s not good. At first, everything seems to be going smoothly: I can wake up and be personable and ready to go in a few minutes. But a few hours later, everybody run. I’m so snappish and irritable it’s like having a discussion with a Rottweiler; you’ll get your hand torn off before you know what hit you. I just can’t function like a proactive member of society without eight hours of sleep or more. My neurons seem to only be missing connections, not making them.
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Research Links Dementia to Diabetes and High Oestrogen after Menopause

A sudden rise in the oestrogen levels after menopause when combined with a history of diabetes can place women at greater risk of developing dementia. Oestrogens have a major role to play though out a woman's life, but the hormone production starts declining after menopause.
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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

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