Male Infertility

Overview and Causes

Most couples get married with the intent to have children. That’s why it’s particularly distressing for a man to learn that an inability to conceive is due to his own infertility. What causes it? And is there a cure…? Read overview

Causes & Symptoms :

Walking Sperm Bank - Natural Ways To Increase Male Fertility & Semen Volume

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This remedy has been enhanced to improve fertility for men with low sperm count, watery semen and altered testicular health while strengthening the ejaculatory valve. ( 6 ) comments
Retrograde Ejaculation Solution
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Jin Suo Gu Jing Wang - Stop Wet Dream & Excessive Precum
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How Your Heart Affects Semen Quality

Beating 100,000 times a day, the heart helps pump blood to every organ, tissue and muscle inside your body. It serves as one of the most important organs inside the body, and without it, the body cannot survive. While it may be no bigger than your first, this organ pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood everyday, and it too affects your semen quality. Yes, your heart can affect semen quality.
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Environmental Toxins Linked to Low Sperm Count

Reports of male infertility have been on the uptick for the last several decades. Doctors know infertility in men is caused by low sperm count. But men may be struggling to achieve healthy sperm for several reasons.
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Infertile Men Are More Likely To Die Young

Infertile men with two or more abnormalities in their semen were more than twice as likely to die much younger than normal men. Dr Michael Eisenberg, assistant professor of urology at Stanford University has recently published his finding. 
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Male Infertility
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Keeping the Prostate in a Healthy State: Sperm Count and Quality Start with this Organ

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